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Easter Weekend Open Thread


NRL Rd 7 - Rabbitohs v Bulldogs Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

What’s good, TST fam? Easter weekend is upon us and it’s most likely a busy one for most. If traveling, stay safe.

If not, let’s chat.

Either way, enjoy the holiday weekend.

Playoff Basketball

Did your squad make the NBA postseason? Mine did. Well sorta. I’m pretty casual about roundball, but I do root for the Wizards. Looks like they’ve got the Hawks tomorrow.

And if you don’t actively watch basketball, do you treat it sort of like March Madness, where you join in on the fun in the postseason....knowing full well Lebron’s team is almost always going to be in the finals?

Playoff Hockey

Hey, it’s me again! Big C-A-P-S, CAPS, CAPS, CAPS fan. They’re actually getting ready to drop the puck on Game 2 now.

I imagine we’ve got a few Blues fans in the house. And plenty of others from all parts of ‘Merica.

Who ya rooting for this postseason? Hopefully not Matt Calvert

What’s The Best/Worst Easter Candy?

I haven’t been given an Easter basket in years. But if I had to pick, I’d say:

Best: Cadbury Egg

Worst: Peeps

One is an opinion. The other, re: Peeps, is a fact. They are very, very bad...and more gross than bad.

Whatcha Got Going On This Weekend?

Any big plans? The weather is very nice in my neck of the woods this weekend. I think I’ll play a little tennis with the Mrs. bright and early tomorrow and then go on a hike...maybe go kayaking.

How about you? Got family in town? Heading out of town to visit family? Church function? Sit on yo ass and watch sports?

Trade Up/Trade Down?

Having your first pick be the 37th overall, for the Rams, isn’t ideal. That said, they're not stuck.

Would you rather see them trade up and grab a player (who?), or drop back a few spots and maybe pick up another mid round pick?

Any Good New Listening These Days?

I’m a fan of almost all types of music, but I’ll give everything a shot.

What’s on your playlist these days? Have any new singles/albums dropped that you’re feeling?