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Seven Players The Los Angeles Rams Could Target In The 2017 NFL Draft Third Round

Although the LA Rams don't have a first round pick, they can still find players deep in the 2017 NFL Draft. Here are seven players that they could target in the third round.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the Los Angeles Rams not having a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the draft could be lacking fun and excitement for some fans since there’s nothing to look forward to on Day 1. I recently covered a handful of players that the Rams could target in the second round of the NFL Draft.

Here are seven players that could be available in the third round for the Rams.

Cal WR Chad Hansen

Hansen seems like a solid fit for the Rams offense, offering size on the outside and as a legitimate deep threat. Even though he doesn’t generate a a lot of separation, he has shown the ability to make tough contested catches.

The Rams could do worse than to bring in a former teammate for their franchise QB in Jared Goff. I did mention teammate and not starter, because Hansen was buried in the depth chart after transferring to Cal in 2014. Players that only have one good season tend to offer reason to worry. However, Hansen went from a nobody at Idaho State to just another guy after transferring to Cal to the player that appears to have potential as an NFL player.

Washington CB Sidney Jones

Jones was projected as a first-round pick before his unfortunate Achilles injury he suffered during his pro day. There is a high probability that Jones will miss the 2017 NFL season, the Rams would have to decide if they would be okay with gambling on the health of a player that has the talent of a first round choice.

Jones plays like a wide receiver with the ball in the air and although he isn’t the most physical player, he’s still a damn good player. Before his injury you could make a case that Jones was the best cover corner in the draft.

LSU C Ethan Pocic

I would be shocked if Pocic was available in the third round. Solid offensive linemen end up being drafted early. Pocic figures to be a starting center or guard in the NFL. I’d get behind this even though the Rams brought in a free agent center in signing John Sullivan.

My biggest issue with Pocic is that he isn’t as strong as I would want my center to be, something that really shows up in the running game. Regardless of the fact that he isn’t the most powerful run blocker, he will be a solid pass blocker for the Rams.

Youngstown State DE/OLB Derek Rivers

There was a time when the Rams had an elite pass rush, but the defense is lacking enough pass rushers since trading Mermaid-loving William Hayes.

Enter Derek Rivers. Although he played in Youngstown State, he still has an elite skill set with the ability to make plays in the backfield and to get to the quarterback. He would be an ideal edge for the Rams and has the potential to be a starter down the road for the Rams.

South Alabama TE Gerald Everett

As the Rams need targets for Jared Goff, Everett could prove to be a good weapon for the Rams young QB. With new Head Coach Sean McVay having a talented tight end in Jordan Reed during his tenure as Washington’s offensive coordinator, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he wanted an athlete that could present a mismatch similar to how he used Reed.

Alabama S Eddie Jackson

It’s all about what have you done for me lately in the NFL. In 2015, Jackson looked great as a free safety. There was no reason to doubt his skills in 2016 until he fractured his leg. Now for many analysts, Jackson is an afterthought, He was a good centerfielder and he spent some time playing corner. As long as the medicals check out, don’t be surprised to see Jackson drafted at the end of the second day.

Texas A&M WR Josh Reynolds

For those that don’t follow me on Twitter or missed my scouting report on Reynolds, just know that I would pound the table for the Rams to select him in the second round. Since he appears to be a third round draft choice, he would be my pick.

He is an outside receiver that is known for being a vertical threat who can track the ball easily and will make impressive catches with his amazing catching radius.