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LA Rams Exercise Fifth-Year Option On DT Aaron Donald

The Rams have tabbed their best player through the 2018 season.

Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald
Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have exercised the fifth-year option on DT Aaron Donald:

The Rams are in a bit of a tough spot. They have to exercise the option to keep Donald under contract as inexpensively as possible. This does, though, put off a contract extension...which Donald has little reason to sign with the Rams.

Much like CB Trumaine Johnson, the Rams’ contract extension is going to have to rely on the promise of future returns under new Head Coach Sean McVay that aren’t built on any evidence. Much like Tru being tagged for the second season in a row, there’s legitimate reason to be skeptical that Donald would accede to the Rams’ contract wishes. Unlike Tru, Donald is a wildly talented player with all the leverage in his camp. Should his career continue to blossom and should he continue to avoid injury, he’s going to want to be paid...and rightly so.

Here’s hoping the Rams and Donald find a path to accord. Applying the option at least gives them through next season to do so.