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POLL RESULTS: LA Rams’ Top Roster Position Needs For The 2017 NFL Draft

We asked. You answered.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, I asked what you thought the Los Angeles Rams’ biggest roster needs were as we head toward the 2017 NFL Draft.

So minus the nine respondents who ignored the scale in the story and in the form and suggested the Rams’ biggest needs are QB, DT, P and K (seriously, we are screwed as a species), here are the results:

2017 TST Roster Position Need Poll Results

C 9.36
WR 8.42
CB 7.56
S 7.43
TE 6.24
OT 5.99
ILB 5.82
G 5.61
OLB 5.54
DE 4.15
DT 3.33
QB 2.44
RB 2.36
K 1.53
P 1.13
  • The signing of C John Sullivan affected the results at center, even though it persisted through the addition to maintain a grip on the top need. The average vote prior to the signing was 9.48; after the signing, it was 7.20. I’m surprised people were that blatantly affected by a center who will be 32-years old by Week 1 that has started one game in the last two seasons...but free agency is a panacea for so many people every year.
  • The race between cornerback and safety was incredibly close. The results there weren’t heavily affected by the signing of Nickell Robey-Coleman.
  • I expected tight end to be a bigger need. People really are buying into a combination of TE Tyler Higbee‘s innate talent level and new Rams Head Coach Sean McVay’s track record with the Washington Footballmen‘s tight ends, chiefly TE Jordan Reed.
  • I don’t know many other teams that would proffer a duo of 35-year old Andrew Whitworth and Greg Robinson as their starting offensive tackles and have the fan base set offensive tackle as the sixth-biggest need. I’m not disagreeing with the vote either, but it’s a fair indication of how much serious work the roster needs.
  • I would have rated inside linebacker a stronger need than 5.82. Both current projected starters, Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron, are facing new roles in 2017. The uncertainty there has to be a concern that new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips will be keen to rectify before Week 1 of the 2018 season.
  • I can guarantee if we run this poll at the end of the season, QB and RB won’t be this low.
  • And is there any position that summons more fickleness than kicker? A year ago, people were ready to jettison Greg Zuerlein without a legitimate replacement in tow. Now, more than 70% of respondents rated the kicker position a ‘1.’

What surprises you about the results? Should those numbers skew a bit higher for a team that just went 4-12? Or does the youth and relative potential around the depth chart perhaps deserve a bit less concern?