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Benny Cunningham To Visit NY Jets

Cue the RB draft pick noise...

Los Angeles Rams v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

After the big news of the Rams signing both Andrew Whitworth (3 years, 36 million) and Robert Woods (5 years, 39 million), things went quiet for the Rams and exploded for just about every other team in the NFL (it’s here I take a moment to remember Brock Osweiller’s NFL career).

Now, it appears as though things might be heating up again, but not necessarily in the right direction:

Statistically, Benny hasn’t gotten much work as a runner, but he’s shown a capability to extend the passing game and make some splashy runs at times.

His work as a returner is also excellent, with a career average of 27.1 yards per return (and 78 out of his 95 career returns are 20+ yards).

The Rams might find themselves with another hole to fill as Cunningham is one of the few free agents worth keeping.