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Turf Show Radio — Ft. Justis Mosqueda

An all new episode featuring Bleacher Report’s Justis Mosqueda.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with an all-new episode as Misone Adiasor (@MightyOrMisone) and Josh Webb (@FightOnTwist) talk with Justis Mosqueda of Bleacher Report about the Los Angeles Rams’ upcoming draft and their current prospects. Justis brings the unique perspective of a former offensive lineman in a system much exactly like Goff ran at Cal.

On this week's show, we go into great detail about the potential of the current crop of Rams wide receivers. The guys also explore what needs fixing on the offensive line and some potential prospects who could address those needs in the upcoming NFL Draft. The guys also break down which positions could use the most attention.

Justis, Misone and Josh look at how Goff can improve in his second year. Justis also goes through a list of late-round Draft candidates who could potentially make an impact on the roster. Above all, the guys talk about why Goff is such a polarizing quarterback and why some folks have a hard time buying into him as the future, and you won’t want to miss Justis’ explanation of what went wrong for Jared Goff last year.