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Turf Show Radio With’s Matt Harmon

Misone Adiasor and Josh Webb are back with an all new episode of Turf Show Radio featuring an interview with’s Matt Harmon, who talked everything from current talent to the upcoming NFL Draft.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with an all-new episode as Misone Adiasor (@MightyOrMisone) and Josh Webb (@FightOnTwist) talk with Matt Harmon of about the Los Angeles Rams’ upcoming draft and their current prospects. Matt brings his usual wit and knowledge and goes next level for your listening pleasure.

On this week's show, not many stones were left unturned as the guys asked all of your questions and then some. Matt talks about the current crop of receivers with the Rams, the signing of WR Robert Woods, potential breakout stars, and covers a list of candidates the Rams could sign at the receiver position. All of that and that’s just one question.

Matt, Misone and Josh explore a host of 2017 NFL Draft strategies and discuss how the Rams should approach the draft with their limited picks. More than that, the guys explore which strategy is in the Rams’ best interest. Matt went above and beyond on this podcast, and we couldn’t be more thankful for his time. The amount of info in this episode should be enough to hold some of you savages off for another week.