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Sunday Random Open Thread, 3/19: Draft Crushes, Expectations for Higbee, & Bracket Busters


San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

What’s good, fam? It appears we’ve hit a little bit of a lull in free agency, but that doesn’t mean we should hit one here at TST.

In the spirit of keeping things so fresh and, as always, so clean, let’s keep it random this Sunday. From what you’ll be getting into today, to Chuck Berry’s passing (R.I.P), to Drake’s new album, to the Backstreet Boys’ old football if you want to.

Heck, talk about anything you want, assuming you’re going to be respectful about it.

Let’s get it.

Draft Crush

Who’s yours? The Rams have a slew of needs. Surely there’s a player in the upcoming draft that you covet above the rest, Shirley.

Who’s your guy, Round 2 or otherwise, that you hope is donning horns in 2017?

Don’t Get the Hype

Flipside of the coin, who’s that player that seemingly everyone is linking to the Rams in the draft that you’re just not sold on?

Whether it be position, skill sets, off-the-field concerns...who’s the guy you’re hoping, despite everyone’s wishes, lands elsewhere in late April?

The Best of What’s Around

There’s not a lot of sexy players left out there in free agency, but there are certainly a few players that could step in and make a big impact on a lot of NFL teams.

Who’s the player you’re still eyeing in free agency that you think could come in and help the Rams this year?

Oklahoma Drill Time!

Suit up, playa. You’ve got 100 consecutive chances to tackle Rams’ RB Todd Gurley in the Oklahoma Drill.

On how many of those 100 carries would you make the tackle?

Big Year for Higbae?

Les Snead and McBae say that we should be looking for a big step forward from Tyler Higbee in 2017. That’s the good news considering the Jeff Fisher and Rob Bore-us were able to successfully relegate a big-bodied receiving threat to 11 catches for 85 yards and one score in 2016.

What are realistic numbers (Rec’s-Yds-TD’s) in the upcoming year?

How’s that March Madness Bracket Lookin’?

GO Haha! Better luck next year.

How’s it looking? Who ya got winning this thing?