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Getting to Know New Rams WR Robert Woods with Buffalo Rumblings

If Tavon Austin is supposed to be Batman... Can Robert Woods be Robin?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the Los Angeles Rams signed WR Robert Woods, I reached out the the SB Nation affiliate for the Buffalo Bills to see what kind of player the Rams were getting.

Thanks to Chris from Buffalo Rumblings for taking the time to answer these.

My first reaction to this contract was shock. Nearly $40M for a WR who has never surpassed 700 yards or 5 TDs in a season. The lower guaranteed amount makes me worry a but less, but it's still concerning given the Rams history with free agents. I understand he's a good run blocker, but you don't pay that kind of dough to a WR for him to block. Does Woods have any endearing traits to justify this contract? Was he held back by the Bills QB play?

Overall, Woods is a good, not great receiver. He's not overly big, fast, quick or really spectacular in any facet of wideout. However, he does just about everything well. If he's the Rams' No. 3 wideout, he'll be worth the money. Woods was likely held back a bit by Buffalo's quarterback play, but I don't think he's primed to become an All-Pro. Woods will run good routes, make a few tough catches, create some YAC and hit the occasional big play.

Best thing going for him, he'll only be 25 during his fifth NFL season. I remember when the Bills drafted him, GM Doug Whaley said Woods may never become a superstar but he'll be a quality NFL player for a decade. I think that's a perfect assessment of his game.

What are the Rams getting? Can Woods be a deep threat or is he more of a possession WR?

At 6'0" and around 190 pounds, Woods may have the build of a deep threat, yet that's not really his game. He's a savvy possession receiver. I think with more targets, he can be a consistent 5-catch, 60-yard pass-catcher who'll thrive on third down.

Where does Woods prefer to line up in formations? Does he prefer playing on the outside or in the slot?

The Bills mostly used him outside, and he saw some time in the slot. I wouldn't call him a super quick-twitch athlete, but he can do damage from the slot. I'm not sure of his preference. He does have the most experience on the boundary though.

Rams WRs have been horrendous with drops recently. Woods had a miniscule 2.6% drop rate in 2016. Was that a fluke or should Rams fans expect those types of results from Woods?

Woods has reliable hands... drops shouldn't be a big problem at all. He did have a few what seemed like concentration drops during his career in Buffalo. Drops aren't something the Rams will have to worry about with him.

WRs have this stigma of being 'divas' if they don't get the ball enough. Does Woods fall into that category or is he a team player?

During some stretches of quarterback play Woods labored through, he wasn't shy about displaying his frustration on the field. Off the field though, he never voiced his displeasure with any teammates to the media. I think Woods is a very fierce competitor -- though his quiet demeanor may not show that -- but not a "diva."