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Transcript: LA Rams HC Sean McVay, WR Robert Woods, LT Andrew Whitworth

Here’s what the Rams’ head coach had to say about and with his newest free agents.

Former Cincinnati Bengals and now LA Rams OT Andrew Whitworth
Former Cincinnati Bengals and now LA Rams OT Andrew Whitworth
Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

(On why he feels lucky to have WR Robert Woods)

“I think just what he was talking about. We’re lucky to have him because he’s a versatile player. We’ve had some coaches that have been around him – some coaches that I know. I’ve been a big fan of Robert’s, watching him all the way from when he was playing at USC, and think he’s one of the rare players that has the ability to play both on the inside and the outside, competes in both phases – he competes in the run game – where he’s blocking for his teammates just like he was mentioning there. Those are the types of players that we want here, so we feel lucky to have a guy like him now.”

(On if there is anything in Woods’ pro career that he hasn’t seen that he thinks he is capable of doing)

“I think going back to his career at USC, he’s done a nice job moving around. A lot of respect for what they did with him in Buffalo where you see him do some things in the slot, you see him do some things outside where he’s running short, intermediate and some routes down the field. I thought it was a good body of work he had to be able to evaluate and see what type of player he is, where he’s truly that complete receiver that can kind of do it all – and that’s what we’re looking forward to using him as.”

(On if he sees upside with Woods and his age)

“Oh, absolutely. Anytime you’re able to get a 24-year-old on his first career (contract) after his rookie deal. Some of the production that he’s had – and I’ll go back, like I keep mentioning, to being able to play in a pro-style system at USC, you could evaluate that this is a polished receiver, he understands and makes everything look the same. Great body control. One of the things you really appreciate about him is when he’s at the top of his routes, his ability to create that immediate separation because he makes guys truly feel like he is stretching the field vertical, then he’s snapping down at 15-(yards) with good body lean. So, he’s done a lot of things that you really respect about the position, in terms of the polish and what he brings, both in terms of being able to play both on the inside and the outside.”

(On if they are looking to add more receivers to the mix and how he currently feels about the position)

“I think you feel really good about being able to add Robert to the mix, with some of the things that (WR) Tavon’s (Austin) done, you project with (WRs) Pharoh Cooper and Nelson Spruce with some of the things that he’s done. We’re always looking to add playmakers and that’s something that we’re evaluating through free agency with the guys that are out there right now and through the draft. I don’t think you can ever have enough guys that can make plays with the ball in their hands and that’s something that – whether it’s the receivers, tight ends or the backs – we’re always looking to do.”

(On if he would like to add more size to the receiver position)

“I think it never hurts to sometimes have some different types of players within the framework of what you’re trying to do. But we’re looking for good football players and I think those guys come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not necessarily that we need a big guy to do a specific thing – certainly some of those bigger players, you are able to use them in different situations. We’re looking for good football players, guys that have the ability to compete both in the run and the pass – especially from that receiver standpoint and that’s what we feel like we’ve got in Robert.”

(On signing T Andrew Whitworth)

“Well I think you look at his career, he’s had a great career, his resume kind of speaks for itself. I haven’t seen, really, any falloff. He’s made the Pro Bowl the last handful of years, he’s a pro’s pro. I got a chance to get to know him a little bit, just from my experience with (Redskins head coach and former Bengals offensive coordinator) Jay (Gruden) and my relationship, (Gruden) having him in Cincinnati. So there was some crossover, just in year’s past. And I’ve always admired the way he’s handled himself. What you hear is, (what) coaches that have been with him say about him and what he represents, both on the field and in the locker room. I think, when you really look at both Andrew and Robert, what they’ll bring to the table as far as (being) great football players, but also great people, is really important to us.”

(On what Whitworth’s addition means for OL Greg Robinson)

“Right now, the plan is, is Andrew is going to be our left tackle and we’ll give Greg an opportunity to play on the right side. I think that’ll be a good opportunity for Greg to go to that right side, and, we’ll see how (T Rob) Havenstein is able to do – if we allow him to play guard and tackle. You feel fortunate, because you have some depth inside with (OLs) Rodger Saffold and Jamon Brown, (T) Andrew Donnal played a lot of snaps last year. We’ve got some guys on this roster that have some position (flexibility), but being able to get an Andrew Whitworth, he knows what it’s like, he’s played the game at a Pro Bowl-caliber level at that left tackle position, (it) will give us the flexibility to put Greg on the right side and see how he does there.”

(On if it is important to put Whitworth at left tackle to help a young quarterback like Jared Goff grow and to protect him)

“Yeah, I think it’s really to improve our offense as a whole. You really look at what we’re trying to do, and Andrew’s going to be a big part of running the football more efficiently as well. We have to get (RB) Todd (Gurley) going, he’s a very important part of what we’re trying to do. You really look at Todd and Jared, we’re excited about the improvements in what both these players that we’ve added will do to help our offense as a whole.”

(On the center position)

“That’s something that, with (C) Tim (Barnes), I have a lot of respect with what he was able to do here and I know he had a lot of respect from people in this building. But that’s something that we’re evaluating right now. There are some guys on the roster that you feel can kind of play inside and play at that center position. But that is definitely a position we’re evaluating right now.”

(On which players on the roster would be able to play center)

“I think you look at those guys, depending upon how (former offensive line) Coach (Paul) Boudreau looked at it. I know what (offensive line) Coach (Aaron) Kromer will do moving forward, we’ll cross-train our guards to be able to play center. Not a lot of guys on the roster have played meaningful snaps at that position, that’s why it’s very important, whether it’s through free agency or through the draft, that we take a look at some of those guys that might be able to fit. We’ll also look to cross-train some of those guards that have played at that spot as well, because I don’t think you can have enough guys that can snap the ball – just based on what your numbers are on game day, usually having about seven guys active if injuries end up occurring.”

(On the reasoning for the players released yesterday and if it was an attempt to distance the organization from former Head Coach Jeff Fisher)

“No, I don’t think it had anything to do with that. I think it was just, when we looked at overall what we’re trying to do offensively and defensively, we just felt like those were the decisions that were best for our organization. I know there’s a lot of respect in this building, and me personally, for Coach Fisher and what he’s accomplished and what he did here. It certainly isn’t anything like that. It’s more along the lines of looking at what we’ve got in place, what we’ve seen out there in free agency and through the draft and how we can find a way to make the best 90-(man roster) and, ultimately, the best 53-(man roster) when we have to make those decisions.”

(On the adjustment Greg Robinson is facing moving to the right side)

“It’s certainly a challenge. That’s one of the things you appreciate about a swing tackle – those guys that can play both on the left and the right. You go back and you look at what Jamon Brown was doing at Louisville, he was a strong tackle at Louisville, where he’s playing on the right and the left side. I think it’s more just getting a comfort level of working in his stance. We talked to Greg yesterday and told him about our plans and he’s up for the challenge. When you’re doing some of your drills, just get comfortable playing right-footed, with that right-handed stance as opposed to that left. And I think that’s something that he’ll immediately be able to work on, just get comfortable with that muscle memory. I think that’s something, with his athleticism, we feel confident that he’ll be able to make that transition.”

(On if Robinson seemed accepting when they spoke to him)

“Absolutely, Greg was great. I think it’s very important, like we talked about, with that communication. When you’re fortunate enough to bring Andrew Whitworth in the building, I think it’s important to let your players know where they stand and how that affects them and those guys upfront. It was important for us to communicate what the plan is. Every day is an evaluation, so we’re looking at that, but you have to have a starting point and the starting point is we’re going to give Greg a chance to play at that right tackle spot and see where we go from there.”

(On if offensive line and wide receiver were the two positions he felt like the team needed to address first)

“I think every position, you’re always looking to upgrade. But really looking at it, just offensively, I don’t think that you can have enough playmakers, like we mentioned. And then being able to establish some continuity up front, I know a lot of that was a product of some injuries and some unfortunate circumstances last year. But being able to bring an Andrew Whitworth into the building, a guy that’s had a lot of success in Cincinnati, he’s a pro’s pro, knows what it looks like. I think he’ll be a great example for a lot of these young, up-and-coming linemen that we feel really good about. And being able to bring him for what he’ll offer in the meeting room and on the grass, as far as just the way that he prepares week-in and week-out, I think he’ll be a great example for the rest of those guys.”

(On how he feels about the tight end position and if he thinks they need more at that position)

“I think you’re always looking to add those playmakers. I think (TE Tyler) Higbee is a guy that we’re very interested in, I know (TE Temarrick) Hemingway, as well, and (TE) Cory Harkey is a guy that’s done a lot of nice things, both from that fullback and tight end position. But, certainly you always want to be able to evaluate it. I think when you really look at just the entirety of what’s out there in free agency, some of the things where we haven’t gotten a chance to really dig deep into the draft, but what you look at when you see some of the physical traits that a lot of the guys at combine had, it is intriguing. And that’s definitely a position that we’ll look very closely at moving forward.”

(On if they are looking to acquire more draft picks)

“I think (General Manager) Les (Snead) does a great job making decisions that are best for our football team. And I think, when you really look at it, whether it’s Les, (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Kevin (Demoff), myself, (Senior Assistant) Tony (Pastoors), when we’re sitting in there discussing what we think is going to give us the best chance moving forward to have success, those are discussions that are ongoing and ever-changing. That’s something that we’ll evaluate day-in and day-out and if we feel like being able to acquire more picks based on what we’re giving up will give us a better chance to put together a strong 90, then that’s what Les and our staff will do.”

(On how important it is to have receivers, like Robert Woods, who want to get extra work in with their quarterback on an off day)

“It’s extremely important and I think anytime you have guys that are intrinsically motivated, those are the types of guys that you want to be around – the players that appreciate the process. You guys hear me say that word a lot, but I think it’s really important, where they know being able to develop that rapport, get that chemistry where they understand how we’re coming out of a break, the timing and rhythm of certain throws and certain routes for Jared, when he’s throwing to Robert – that’s going to be vital and I don’t think you could get enough work at that. These are guys that like football and being able to do something that they like to do as their work. I think you want those types of guys that really love it and both of them do.”

(On what the Will Hayes trade means for DE Robert Quinn)

“When you really look at it, I think the best example if you look at the way that (defensive coordinator) Wade’s (Phillips) used (Broncos LB) DeMarcus Ware in the last couple years, that’s what Robert (Quinn) will play. Robert’s going to be a rusher for us. He’s an elite rusher. You definitely want to make sure that he’s rushing the quarterback – doing some of the things that have allowed him to play at a pro bowl caliber level. So, doesn’t change his role at all. He’s a very important part of what we’re going to do and that’s the one thing that I think is important – everybody wants to talk about the 3-4 transition. Really, with coach Philips system, it’s a one-gap penetrating front. What I mean by that is it’s very similar to some of the 4-3 principles that (former defensive coordinator) coach (Gregg) Williams incorporated over the last couple of years. The main difference is you’ll line up a Sam linebacker on the line of scrimmage and sometimes he’ll rush and then sometimes he’ll have coverage responsibilities. But Robert will play that Will (linebacker) position and he’s going to be treated like a rush end.”

(On what is happening with the DL Ethan Westbrooks situation and how he plans to address needs at the defensive end position)

“That D-line is a position that you can’t have enough depth at. I think when you really look at the situation that Ethan’s (Westbrooks) involved in – we’re continuing to gather information in regards to that. It’s a very serious incident. We’re just continuing to gather those facts. Really see what went on. We are going to see how that affects our D-line depth moving forward. But we’re hoping to get some things figured out and then how that affects and dictates the way that we’ll move forward will be – to be determined.”

WR Robert Woods

(On how he feels coming back to Southern California)

“Big day. I’ve always wanted to come home and play for the hometown team. The Rams made the trip home and so did I. Big day, very exciting. I just can’t wait to get going and look forward to working with (QB) Jared Goff. Big thank yous to (Owner/Chairman) Mr. (Stan) Kroenke and (General Manager) Les Snead for bringing me on board. Big day, big opportunity, can’t wait to be a part of it – (Offensive Coordinator) Matt LaFleur, (Head Coach) Sean McVay – big things going on, on the offensive side. Very excited to be a part of it.”

(On how much of a factor coming home was to him in the decision process and eventual signing)

“I felt like at the end of the day, free agency was definitely an open market. L.A. was on there. L.A. was definitely admirable – a dream place to go. Everything just fell into place and worked perfectly – young quarterback, can definitely build a legacy here in L.A. with Goff. But this team is just so young and explosive – so much talent. It was definitely the best decision just to come home and play for the Rams.”

(On whether he ever thought he’d call the Coliseum home again after he left USC)

“No. Actually coming into last season, I thought it was the only opportunity I had to play in the Coliseum again. I definitely was wrong. Very excited to play at home, being at the Coliseum and make some more great memories. I had good days in the Coliseum. I just want to pick back up with the Rams and be a part of it. Just build a winning football (team), a winning tradition along with L.A.”

(On whether his family is still living in the same area of Southern California where he grew up)

“Yes, family is still there, still in Carson – Rams fans of course. But big day, very excited, everyone is very excited for this day.”

(On how the Rams went about selling this organization to him and what they said that made L.A. seem like the best place for him)

“I felt like they sold me, but I felt like at the end of the day, I did my homework on the team. Young quarterback Jared Goff, seeing him as the number one pick. But you see the talent, you see the quick release, you see him stand tall in the pocket at 6-5, great arm – that’s one selling point right there – he’s a great quarterback. Other than that, just coming into a great offense. You see the coaches, what they’ve done previously. I just want to be a part of it – explosive offense, great running back in the backfield with (RB Todd) Gurley. Defense has been consistent, been solid. Just want to be a part of the offense and build this team up.”

(On if Coach McVay told him anything about the type of scheme he will be playing in, and what sorts of things he liked about Coach McVay’s system in Washington)

“Just seeing what he’s done with the Redskins. You see what he did with (QB Kirk) Cousins. I see what he did with (WR) DeSean (Jackson) and (WR) Pierre (Garçon) as well. They’re spreading the ball around, throwing the ball down field, and that’s some things we talked about. Just moving the ball, trying to put up some points, being aggressive on offense. We have a quarterback, we have the tools. But really, seeing their history and what they’ve done in Washington and Atlanta is definitely, definitely a big step to boost this offense.”

(On if anything felt different or special when he came to play in the Coliseum Week 5 of the 2016 season as a member of the Bills)

“Yeah, same feeling, different field. Coming out of the tunnel of the Coliseum, everything is the same. Hitting the field was just how we left it. Hopefully, it’s the same feeling. You know, playing with the Rams, (it’s) a whole new team, a whole new tradition. But, at the end of the day, we’re trying to get the same winning tradition in the same stadium, a winning stadium. So, at the end of the day, we’re trying to take this Rams (team) and make it a winning football team.”

(On how he is a better receiver after spending his first four years in Buffalo)

“Experience. You look at it, every year just gaining knowledge, learning from the game. Coming in as a rookie, like you said, very pro ready. Still, at the same time, we’re all talented. I felt like when I got the league, I had some great coaches. Ike Hilliard, Rob Moore, Sanjay Lal, the past two years. But, each coach has definitely helped brush up my game, technique, read defenses, find holes all over the field. I think each and every coach definitely added to my game. Coming here with (Rams WR) Coach (Eric Yarber) ‘Yarbs’ definitely one that knows the game, and how to add more to the game and to the field.”

(On if he had an NFL team that he rooted for growing up in Los Angeles)

“Yeah, I just went with whom my Dad was. I went with the Raiders. I was a Raider fan. It was the best team at the time. It had (Hall of Fame Raiders WR) Tim Brown, (QB) Rich Gannon at the time. That was the team I watched.”

(On what he thinks it means to this city to have the NFL back)

“Everything. Like you said, growing up, the Rams weren’t here when I was playing, or growing up. The tradition still lives. The NFL team being here, having the Rams here, L.A.’s original team, and just to be a part of it is history in itself. Besides the whole USC in the Coliseum, just being a part of the L.A. Rams is a big step and a big part of tradition and history.”

(On if it’s safe to say that he’ll be on the sidelines on Saturdays to watch USC games)

“Maybe, or definitely that’s an opportunity to get with Mr. Goff and get in preparation, as much preparation as we can for Sundays’ games. We’re trying to turn this thing around, get some wins going. Most of all, all the work, all the time we need, we definitely need to be focused on the Rams and winning football.”

(On where he thinks his strengths lie within the wide receiving core)

“I would say, complete. I would say my biggest thing, or how I look at my game is as a complete receiver. A complete receiver needs to be able to play inside and outside. I think I can move all around the field. I can matchup against quick corners. I can matchup against big corners with speed and quickness. And like I said, the ability to play inside and outside with this running back we have in (RB Todd) Gurley, who is one of the most explosive backs, young backs that we have. And blocking, the last thing is blocking. Blocking on the outside and on the perimeter to get our backs free, which I have done previously. Definitely want to bring that (to be) part of this Rams tradition, and get the whole team going. Get the receivers going, get our backs going, and just keep the defense coming as well.”

LT Andrew Whitworth

(On why he felt that the Rams were the right fit for him)

“I was really excited for the opportunity. This is really the first time in my career that I’ve been a free agent. To get to go through the process and hear teams that are interested, to get the opportunity to go out west and do something I’ve never done – I’ve never been out this way, I haven’t played out this way – that was intriguing to me. And also from what I know of (Head) Coach (Sean) McVay and what I’ve followed around a little bit, knowing (Redskins head coach and former Bengals offensive coordinator) Jay Gruden and knowing a lot about them, having played for Jay, I was intrigued. I really think he’s an exciting young coach. So, for me, I’m just thankful for this opportunity and really thankful to (Owner/Chairman) Mr. (Stan) Kroenke and (General Manager) Les Snead and Sean McVay for bringing me here to have an opportunity to help them turn this thing into a winner.”

(On how difficult it was to leave Cincinnati)

“It was a tough decision. Yesterday was probably a bittersweet day, it was the end of a long time invested in a place and the excitement of a new adventure. People that know me know I love challenges, I love adventures, I love to do new things. I think that, for me, when I realized that it probably wasn’t going to get done in Cincy, I wanted to find somewhere that I felt like I could go and make a difference and make an impact. My wife and I, that’s something that’s really important to us, something that we always think about is, how can we impact the people around us. This just seemed like one of those opportunities, to go and make a difference and try to be a part of a locker room that I could be a leader and be someone that can help a team turn in a direction that they want to go.”

(On if it will be strange being older than his head coach)

“Yeah, I was actually looking at the roster, I’m not sure anybody is as old as me. I think that it’s going to be a unique situation, but I think my role, honestly in some ways, will be to continue to be that strong force that guys that can realize that they can come to me for experience. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve been through winning streaks, obviously (with the) Cincinnati Bengals. The last couple of years, until this season, we’ve been to the playoffs a lot. But I also was there when we went 0-8, so I’ve been through going 0-8 and I’ve been through going 8-0. So, I have some experience in those areas and I know the different things that helped our team in those situations when we’ve been good and when we’ve been bad. I hope that I’ll get an opportunity to be something that can be somewhat of a rock and a foundation for this team in the sense that I have been through those things and I hope I can share that kind of wisdom with a young team.”

(On what will be most important when building a rapport with QB Jared Goff)

“I believe in time. It’s the same thing, when I look at my relationship with my kids, when I look at my relationship with the communities that I’ve played in and how I develop those. You make a difference by investing time. It’s going to be pouring myself and everything I have into him and the guys I’m going to play with. To develop a rapport with them and develop a respect. I think respect is something that has to be earned for it to be legitimate. For me, I look forward to that opportunity to earn their respect and then for the opportunity to show them that I’ll show up every week and be ready to play.”

(On whether he was aware of the Rams’ struggling offensive line going into free agency and what kind of impact does he think he could make)

“I think that it won’t just be on me to make a difference. There’s a new staff and a new group that obviously all have a direction that they want to go in. First in line, the coaches, will lead that direction and I’m going to push whatever that is forward as hard as I can. I think for me, the first way you can be helpful to a team’s successes is that you play well yourself. As I’ve always said it’s a simple thing and cliché of just doing your job. But the reality is that if every single football player goes out there and does their job we’re going to play real well. The first thing I have to do is do my job well and hopefully that can impact and influence throughout my group. I know some of those guys and I think a lot of some of them. I think that from the guys that I do know, I look forward to getting the chance to know the rest of them and know them better – kind of know who they are as a player and how I can help.”

(On whether he feels he’s still at the top of his game)

“I’ve been around a long time – age is obviously an issue (laughs). How much longer I’ll get to play? Who knows. But the reality is I feel like I can still go out every Sunday and help my team win. I still feel like I’m going to win enough percentages of blocks that you’re going to feel like that’s not a position you have to worry about. That’s really my goal every week is to go out and honestly the best thing I can do as an O-lineman is you not having to worry about my side and my spot – never really have to say my name. As a O-lineman go, the reality is the less they say your name, the better. Hopefully my name doesn’t have to be talked about much and I can just do my job every week.”

(On how he’s been able to maintain his game for so long)

“Honestly, I would say about four or five years ago I got into really just kind of doing things in a different way. I stopped probably training like most lineman do and doing lots of heavy lifting and pounding weights and not running a lot in the offseason. I’m kind of the opposite now, I actually got really into fitness stuff, I do everything from CrossFit to Orange Theory to hiking and just I stay outside all day every day. I play a ton of golf. I just try to keep the body moving and I feel like I can be more athletic and more fluid the more I can keep myself moving, the more keep my body in great shape year-round. As I shared with (Titans RB) Demarco Murray, I believe it was at the pro bowl, we were talking about playing and he was asking me about my longevity, obviously and the shape I stay in and I told him that really my focus is that there is never a down time. When January hits, there’s not like a ‘oh man, a month or two off to relax’. I try to stay in what I believe is top fitness shape, year-round. That’s kind of more of my lifestyle than training for football, I guess I should say.”

(On whether he’s tried surfing)

“No, I haven’t tried surfing. I try and stay away from those activities (laughs). I’ll stay off the slopes and I’ll stay off the waves for a while. Until I’m done playing and then I can lose a bunch of weight and give it a whirl. Mostly, I’ll probably be on a lot of the golf courses. That’s where you’ll find me in my free time.”

(On if he has given thought to how much longer he wants to play and if he wants to play into his 40s like Patriots QB Tom Brady)

“I don’t know, as a lineman, if that’s possible right now. Honestly, I just love playing the game, I love being a part of the locker room, I love pushing guys – all of us in the same direction. I believe that leadership is not about dictating a room as much as it is inspiring guys to want to do something with you. That, to me, is leadership, when people want to go into the same building with you, side-by-side and do something. I love that part about football. As long as my body is capable of holding up and going through it, then I want to do it. I enjoy it and look forward to trying to play as long as I can.”

(On what it means to have his family here to share this moment with him)

“It’s surreal. Right now it’s different, just because I’ve been in the same building for 11 years. We’re excited, we’re nervous, we don’t know what to expect. As we say, as long as we have our fam, as we call it, the ‘Fam Bam’, we’ll go anywhere. We’re those people that anywhere we go, we always take the kids. They’re always with us, and we’re the people annoying you at every restaurant, and every plane you get on, and hotel you stay in. That’s us, we stick together. You know what, as long as we’re together, we’re great, and we’re excited to be here with each other.”

(On how playing in a warmer climate helps with his growth and development late in his career)

“I think in some ways, definitely you feel better in warmer weather. I can attest to that. And also, I think you also feel a difference in grass to turf. I think that that’s a huge thing too. I think that was one of the things I also looked at when I was looking at leaving, is just teams that play a lot of games on grass. It is a dramatic difference how you feel week-to-week, whether you play on that stuff or not. I look forward to the weather. Being from Louisiana, I’m used to a lot of heat. But, this will kind of be more mild. I’ll probably enjoy that a little better. Won’t sweat on people as much.”

(On if joining a Super Bowl contending team was a factor in his decision to join the Rams)

“I think everyone has a different mentality when it comes to that. I think some guys literally look to like where they can go that they think their best odds to win it every year. I’ve never really looked at it that way. I look at the challenge of playing football is every week, me against whoever their best player is that plays that position across from me, and me trying to win. And hopefully, that inspires my teammates to do the same at their spots and we win games. I was looking really, honestly, for the opportunity of a team that really wanted me to be there. I felt like this is a team that I can come, and I could help, and I can feel like they would want me to be here. I just felt from their interest over those couple of days that this was a spot I could be, and I could have an opportunity to win. The reality too is, those positions have to be open somewhere. I think that, to me, this team has all the talent that it needs. We just need to get things going in the right direction, and play good football.”

(On if the Rams was the most aggressive team that went after him in free agency)

“Yeah, there was a lot of teams out there with interest. So, that was actually one of the most humbling experiences of the whole deal for me honestly, is that over the last couple of days, just the amount of offers and teams that called was very humbling. At my age, honestly, you sit there and you wonder. It was very humbling to see that many teams out there. I guess if I picked a year to be a free agent out of all the 11 that I’ve played, this seemed to be one that there’s a bunch of spots open to play offensive line. That probably worked out, I guess, in my favor. There were a lot of offers out there. I just felt that they were very persistent, and wanted to get it done. That interest and that want out of it is one of the things, I think, when you’re looking for a home, obviously, someone that makes you feel like you’re going to be really welcomed is what you’re looking for.”