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New Los Angeles Rams OT Andrew Whitworth, WR Robert Woods Receive Jersey Numbers

Number up.

Rendering of new Los Angeles WR Robert Woods in a Rams jersey
New Los Angeles WR Robert Woods

New Los Angeles Rams signings OT Andrew Whitworth and WR Robert Woods have been assigned their new jersey numbers.

Whitworth will wear #77 and Woods will take Case Keenum’s #17:

The #77 jersey for the Rams doesn’t have a great history. The best Ram to have previously worn it was Doug France, the 20th overall pick in the 1975 NFL Draft. France played for the Rams for seven years (some really good teams in that run) with a two-year Pro Bowl run in the middle. The last three Rams to wear it? Isaiah Battle, Jake Long and Jason Smith. I’m not saying #77 is cursed, but there’s an argument to make there. Hopefully Whitworth breaks that not-a-curse. And shout out to former Ram and #77 jersey wearer Vitamin Smith for being the best new NFL name I’ve learned in a long time. Glad ol’ Vitamin was a Ram.

As for Woods’ #17, I mentioned above that most recently was worn by former Rams starting QB Case Keenum. Prior to the top QB according to some analytics, the jersey didn’t have a popular history. WR Donnie Avery wore it during his two-year stint with the Rams as a second-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The only two notables prior were DBs Richie Petitbon who played for the Rams in 1969 and ‘70 in his stellar 14-year career and Charley Britt who wore as a Ram from 1960-63.

While Whitworth would have to turn out to be a spectacular signing to top France, there’s a chance Woods could be the best #17 in the history of the Rams.

Welcome to the team, fam.