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LA Rams Trade DE William Hayes, Seventh-Round Pick To Miami Dolphins For Sixth-Round Pick

Dinosaurs! Bojangles! Draft Picks! I should be asleep!

Los Angeles DE William Hayes
Los Angeles DE William Hayes
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I was asleep recently. Now I am not. Why? My phone was abuzz. At but what? Oh, important free agency and 2017 NFL Draft news, dear friend.

The Los Angeles Rams have traded DE William Hayes and their early seventh-round selection, #223 overall, to the Miami Dolphins for their sixth-round pick, #206 overall.

I could point to how this is a makeover of the Jeff Fisher-led defense. I could suggest this is offloading a contract to improve the Rams’ draft capital.

Instead, let me point to this. It is 1:28am on the East Coast. It is three hours earlier LA time. Why are the Rams releasing this news now? Who cares! It’s the middle of the night. Delusion is acceptable.

William Hayes doesn’t believe dinosaurs are real. Or does he? Who cares! It was funny! Hard Knocks! Jimmy Kimmel! 4-12. Sleep!

Hayes joined the 2012 St. Louis Rams on a one-year deal that proved indeed to be moissanite in the rough. He put in five solid seasons in the Jeff Fisher era that sucked. A lot. But he played fine. Good for him. It is late.

Brah brah Bojangles. Dinosaurs. Something something semi-viral content related to the Rams that only gets so far because we are horrible at football and that makes nobody care and the worst season of Hard Knocks ever.

Good night.