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Los Angeles Rams Continue Fan Voting On 2017 Uniform

Next Up.... The Facemask!!!!

In another shameless attempt to stay relevant, the Los Angeles Rams continue their campaign to let fans decide certain elements of the Rams 2017 uniforms.

Just when you think that the Rams hit rock bottom with 4-12 in their first season back, they show no shame when trying to engage fans with silly uniform details. This is nothing more than an attempt to seize headlines.


Why am I so negative about the Rams engaging fans? Because as I type this the NFL combine is taking place in Indianapolis and there are significant financial decisions to be made. I get that the PR department is it’s own entity, but it’s a bad look for the Rams.

They’re sitting at the bottom of the NFL pecking order, with the youngest coach in modern NFL history, are at a disadvantage with talent as well as draft capital..... the list goes on and on - yet here they are pushing needless bullshit about what’s going to be a temporary change to uniforms. Because they’re sure to get a completely overhauled look with the new stadium.

This screams all of the wrong things that we already new with this team. Image matters more than substance. Uniforms matter more than personnel evaluations. Fan excitement matters more than fiscal responsibility.

The Rams need to get their damn priorities straight.