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ESPN Bold Predictions: Rams Can Win 10+ Games in 2017

Bold would be putting it lightly...

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Radio Row Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Graziano at ESPN made some rather bold predictions for the 2017 NFL season. In stark contrast to their Power Rankings - where the Rams were ranked 28th - Graziano had this to say about the Los Angeles Rams prospects in 2017:

4. The Los Angeles Rams win at least 10 games

The arrivals of coaching wunderkind Sean McVay and venerable defensive coordinator Wade Phillips propel the Rams to their first winning season since 2003. Jared Goff struggles at the beginning but steadies himself as the year goes on. Aaron Donald anchors a defense that leads the league in fewest yards allowed. Todd Gurley finishes in the top three in rushing.

Given this is written tongue in cheek, but that escalated quickly. I’m counting three very bold predictions in that very brief snippet.

  1. Predicting the Rams to have a winning season is bold enough, but setting the floor at 10 wins comes off as a bit crazy.
  2. THAT ELITE DEFENSE THOUGH! Leading the league in yards is a tall order when you’re adjusting to a new scheme and have holes in the secondary and at linebacker.
  3. Todd Gurley finishing in the top three in rushing would have been a sound prediction 12 months ago, but with the Rams OL in shambles it seems....unlikely.

There is always uncertainty when there is a coaching change, but this would be a drastic jump. While I’d love to see the Rams hit these marks, I think most Rams fans would be happy with one of the latter two and a winning record.