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Random Ramsdom: Bitter

As we approach the Super Bowl (LOL), bitterness can happen.

NFL: Combine
Marshall Marshall Marshall
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Faulk Still Bitter about Loss to Patriots | PatriotsWire

Faulk opens up about how making seven Super Bowls is a great feat, even though he’s convinced about the walkthrough allegation (Goodell did destroy those tapes)

The Boston Take on Marshall | MASSLive

Boston media’s take on Marshall’s comments

Marshall Faulk Bats for Kurt Warner | CBS

Faulk goes on record to bat for Kurt Warner

Breakdown of Who Will Win LA | ESPN

ESPN breaks down the odds of who will “win over” the LA fan base by winning

Urban Meyer uses Rams.... as a prank | RamsWire

Coach Urban Meyer from Ohio State uses the Rams job as a prank to one of his recruits

Rams nab another Redskins Coach | FanRag

Coach Shane Waldron leaves the Redskins to coach the Rams TE’s... hopefully he catches on

Rams Rebuild Demands Patience | iSportsWeb

The Rams won’t be built in a day or year

Wade Phillips Cracks Us Up | Fox Sports

Wade Phillips slays Twitter with his joke