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Where Do the L.A. Rams Rank In 2017 Offseason Firepower?

With limited funds and no first round pick, how do the Rams stack up against the rest of the NFL in offseason ammo?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Sean McVay Press Conference Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a very busy, yet rewarding, last few months for Los Angeles Rams’ head coach Sean McVay. On-field results with his previous team and a reputation for having a great football mind afforded him the opportunity to become a first-time head coach.

He’s had to pack up, move across the country, and select an entirely new staff to lead the charge for 2017 and beyond.

And the next few months will be even busier. The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine, which McVay and Rams’ GM Les Snead (amongst others) will attend, kicks off this week. Free agency is just over a week away, and the 2017 NFL Draft is right around the corner.

Having taken the reigns on a 4-12 team from 2016, it’s clear that McVay and his new staff have their work cut out for them. They’ve got to quickly make decisions about what personnel they intend to keep or cut, have meaningful discussions with other team’s representatives and player’s agents regarding potential interest in joining them in L.A., and revisit a few contracts that may keep them from putting together the roster they need.

The Rams are without a first round pick this year, as a result of a trade-up (with the Titans) in 2016. And with the Goff trade finally final, the Rams have eight picks at their disposal this year.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Rams will utilize their franchise tag - for the second straight year - on CB Trumaine Johnson, but Adam Schefter is reporting that it’s “expected.” The Rams enter free agency with roughly $39M of buying power, so a nearly $17M franchise tag price would eat up a healthy chunk of that.

Danny Kelly, over at Ringer, took into account team’s caps space (via Spotrac) along with the quantity/quality of draft picks from the Draft Trade Value Chart, and provided some insight on just how hard each NFL team can go this offseason.

So, big picture, how much firepower do the Rams actually have, and how does that ammunition rank amongst the other NFL teams?

28. Los Angeles Rams

Salary Cap Space: $38,985,625 (16th)

Draft Pick Capital: Eight picks valued at 928.8 points (31st)

The Rams will dedicate about $15 million of their cap to cornerback Trumaine Johnson in 2017 after placing the franchise tag on him. But they came into the offseason with about $38 million to spend, so there should be enough room to add an additional big-money free agent or two. Hitting on those deals is especially important because there’s just one team in the league with fewer resources going into the draft: Los Angeles doesn’t have a first-round pick (the Rams traded it to move up to get Jared Goff last year), and the team picks just twice in the top 100.

...just about where you’d find them in any other type of ranking. Seemingly ever.