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VIDEO: L.A. Rams’ RB Todd Gurley Breaks A Dude’s Ankles on the Basketball Court

Todd Gurley’s got the sick handles

Gurley Tru Clippers

Los Angeles Rams’ running back Todd Gurley might soon be getting a call from the Lakers or Clippers. Ok, probably not, but on Tuesday evening Gurley did show that he’s got some serious skills as a ball-handler on the hard court.

But, before we get there, a little background...

Gurley attended Tarboro High School in North Carolina, where he played 21 games for their varsity basketball team. During that span (2010-2011), he averaged 11.4 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game, 1 steal, and 1.1 blocks — which is in line with the amount of combined blocks he gets from the Rams’ offensive lineman each game.

Despite following his passion for football to the University of Georgia, Gurley is a Duke Blue Devils fan. Here, in a late-night session with his boys, he channels his inner Bobby Hurley.

Late night session with the boys

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While some may have questioned Gurley’s ability to break tackles on the football field in 2016, his ability to break ankles on the court should never again be in question.