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Deadspin: Fox casting ‘pretend’ Los Angeles Rams fans

Deadspin may be on to something here.....

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True to their reputation, Deadspin is having a blast at the expense of... well anybody. This time, it’s Fox Sports and Los Angeles Rams fans that are being ‘exposed’.

If you live in Los Angeles and can convincingly portray a Los Angeles Rams fan, you’re in luck: FOX is looking for people with exactly your unique and rare skill set to pretend to be Rams fans during Sunday’s Rams home game. Set in a fictional world where anyone in Los Angeles gives a shit about the Rams or Chargers, your character will dress in highly stylized Rams “fan” attire, and lose a harrowing team spirit competition against an overwhelming horde of actual Eagles fans.

Everyone knows that Deadspin isn’t something to be taken too seriously - well almost everyone at least.

True to his reputation, Vinny comes running to defend the Rams. Despite what Vinny says, I can’t remember this happening in my lifetime - in any sport. When you look at the bigger picture, things become more clear.

Vinny isn’t the only one defending fans. In an interview with Sports Illustrated back in October, Todd Gurley tried blaming the Rams attendance on traffic issues in Los Angeles. That’s a valid point until you look at the Dodgers attendance (highest in MLB in 2017). Hell, even in the throws of a massive rebuild, the Lakers are still selling out. The Clippers average attendance last year? 100.1%. No, that’s not a typo.

Despite their tradition for parody and poking fun, Deadspin has valid points here. What will it take for the Rams to fill the Coliseum with Rams fans?