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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadephia Eagles Bold Predictions: chess & checkers

Will this game be remembered as the defining moment where the NFL accepts Sean McVay as the coach of the year?

Houston Texans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

For a Los Angeles Rams fan, the hype for this Week 14 game against the Philadelphia Eagles is cresting nicely; a perfect wave of excitement and intrigue, bolstered by the confidence that comes from the Eagles being exposed the week before. Now granted, the Eagles lost to the devision rival Seattle Seahawks, a team the Rams also lost to, but still... the Eagles have lost that unbeatable shine that they’ve been enjoying lately.

So, what’s going to happen when these seemingly equal teams face each other on Sunday?

Let’s get bold.

The buzz after the game will be Coach Sean McVay out coaching Doug Pederson

I believe that this game will be all about the Rams offense being one step ahead of the Eagles defense. McVay is a proud competitor and he’s going to be prepared and whatever the game plan is... it’s going to be unexpected. Expect play designs that we haven’t seen and extremely inventive coaching decisions that will keep the Eagles on their heels. Doug Pederson will be playing checkers and McVay will be playing chess.

QB Carson Wentz will have the worst game of the season

First off, I think the Rams are going to do an admirable job stopping the run (for the most part) as they get an early lead, thereby forcing Carson Wentz to throw. So far this season, Wentz has never had a game with more than 1 interception. This game he will have 2 and his lowest yard total of the season (let’s say... 120).

Huge games for Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, and Samson Ebukam

Even though he’s been a solid backup at left tackle, Halapoulivaati Vaitai had a poor showing against Seattle. Not great timing when your next opponent features the best defensive player in the league in Aaron Donald. And I believe the Rams’ edge rushers will be the key contributors to the success of the Rams on Sunday.

The score will be close, but the momentum will always belong to the Rams

There will never be a moment in the game where an impartial fan will say to themselves, “The way they’re playing, Eagles have a chance to pull this out.” I think the Eagles will score on big plays, but for the most part, their offense will be punting on 4th downs a lot.

375 yards and 3 touchdowns for the #1 pick in the 2016 draft, Jared Goff

When the stats of both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are inevitably thrown up on the screen to be scrutinized by the countless talking heads, there will be no debate — Jared Goff will be the winner of the Goff-Wentz Bowl.

Probably the biggest statement game in over fifteen years, the Los Angeles Rams will accomplish two incredibly impressive tasks: defeating the “best team in the NFC” while also staying a step ahead of the Seattle Seahawks. This is the Rams’ chance to prove that they belong in the Super Bowl and they are definitely up to the task.

Rams win, 30-24