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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Week 14 broadcast map

Here's who's getting the Rams-Eagles game on their local broadcast channel.

Per 506 Sports, here’s the FOX broadcast map for late games in Week 14:

Week 14 broadcast map
Week 14 broadcast map
506 Sports

Non-pictured market coverage: Anchorage, AK - Seahawks at Jaguars; Fairbanks, AK - Seahawks at Jaguars; Honolulu, HI - Eagles at Rams

Los Angeles is going to be at the epicenter of the NFL’s Week 14 focus on Sunday and nothing exemplifies that more than this map. Okay, FOX moving their pre-game show to the Coliseum does so more than this map, but, uh, this is 1b.

Consider that the Seahawks and Jags, both at 8-4, are getting second billing. By a large, large, large, large margin. Almost any other Week 14 setup that featured two 8-win teams would get the kind of treatment Rams-Eagles is getting.

But here we are.

Only five markets were up for a market blanket (a sixth, Indianapolis, will get local coverage from the Chicago Bears). Of those five, three will miss the early FOX slate. The two that miss the late coverage are Phoenix and Denver.

Suffice to say, this is a major game that the NFL wants the country to watch.

And watch we will.