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Turf Show Radio S9E21: The return of RVB

This week we had the pleasure to welcome home SB Nation NFL Editor Ryan Van Bibber, the original TSTer.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can also find the show on iTunes as well)

Hello, hello, again folks! We are back for another episode of Turf Show Radio with myself (@MightyOrMisone) and Joe (@3k_), and this week we got to welcome home one of our very own, SB Nation NFL editor, Ryan Van Bibber (@justRVB).

First and foremost I just have to say how fun it was to have RVB back on as it’s been far too long. He’s ridiculously busy in managing NFL coverage as a whole for SB Nation, so it was great that he took time out of his schedule to rap with us. Ryan is a prime reason that we even have a Turf Show Times to call home, so I guess in a way he’s like one of the Four Fathers. I literally just laughed out loud writing that.

We got right into it this week. Immediately talking about the dominance of the defensive front for the Los Angeles Rams against the Arizona Cardinals. The Rams collected six sacks – although for some odd reason one of Rams DE Robert Quinn’s sacks was not included and should it have been seven – and DT Aaron Donald had nine quarterback pressures by himself, leaving him only 11 shy of his entire total of 82 which lead the 2016 (and he missed most of the offseason and the first game this year).

From there we discussed Rams RB Todd Gurley and his dominance as a receiver. It’s been extremely impressive and he has improved in that area week to week. At this point he now looks as comfortable out of the backfield as a back can look, and we discussed where he fits on the list of the top backs in the NFL this year. He’s obviously up there, but he’s a hard one to place. One thing is for sure, we are seeing him play like we have never seen him play at any point in his career thus far.

In discussing the “what to look for” when the Philadelphia Eagles come to town this week, I went back to a point that I made a few weeks ago about the Eagles when stating that the strength of schedule has not been that tough for them (only played three teams with winning records, losing twice, nine of their ten wins looks to be against teams likely to pick in the top 12). This was evident in their loss to the Seattle Seahawks as this was by far the most difficult matchup they have had this season, and they looked more like a fish out of water than a high flying Eagle. We discuss how this might work in the Rams’ favor.

Also, if you are a servicemember (thank you for your service!), have you ever heard of Rip Its? Apparently, this is a real energy drink and I am going fight, claw, and scratch with Joe to get one of his stories from drinking said drink. Apparently this is some next-level stuff.

This was a great show with so much covered. One of my favorite shows this season. It’s amazing how fun things like podcasts are when your team is winning. I think now that the Rams have a winning record, we all can kind of take a brief second to breathe a sigh of relief. But make it quick, there is still work to do.

Enjoy being a Rams fan, enjoy being a winner, and enjoy the damn show!