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Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals: Highlight/lowlight prove defense matters

The main highlight and lowlight of the game both land as major defensive plays

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images


I don’t think there was any one particular “lowlight”, so I happened to go with this play. At this point, the Rams were at the Cardinals 30-yard line, and poised to throw up more points with it being only first down. Obviously, the drive was completely negated by a beautiful effort by DE Kareem Martin, who followed Goff’s eyes the entire time, drifted from RT Rob Havenstein, and made a leap for an interception.


Whatever you can do, I can do better, right? Well, Alec Ogletree had almost an identical play to the Rams lowlight, but this one is applicable for the highlight of the day, and ultimately is. Ogletree was originally supposed to blitz, though he pulled off, read Blaine Gabbert’s eyes, and made a brilliant play to secure an interception throughout a ton of traffic. Not only that, but he returned it all the way for an easy touchdown. Oh, and for the record, he did not hurt his elbow on the touchdown celebration.