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NFL Week 17 early game live thread

Here’s the early slate prior to Rams-49ers.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers (7-8) at Detroit Lions (8-7)

This is a game about a season not grown of.

For the Packers, it’s obvious. The loss of QB Aaron Rodgers shows just how reliant on him they are. For the Lions, it’s about a window closed. Rodgers’ exit left the division open. The Minnesota Vikings took advantage. The Lions did not. And they’re left to answer the question of why this offseason.

Houston Texans (4-11) at Indianapolis Colts (3-12)

Again, a song of quarterbacks lost.

Texans rookie QB Deshaun Watson left after seven brilliant games. Colts QB Andrew Luck didn’t even play a single contest this season.

See you in 2018, boys.

Chicago Bears (5-10) at Minnesota Vikings (12-3)

It could have been a NFC North crashdown. Instead, it’s...well, what we’re dealing with.

The division is decided. The playoffs loom. Rivalries can take a rest today.

New York Jets (5-10) at New England Patriots (12-3)

Yes, the Pats are in line to do what the Pats do. But HC Todd Bowles should get a ton of credit for what he did with the Jets this year.

Which is...not create a trainwreck. That’s an achievement in and of itself, one that he’s been awarded for. The question is if he can do more with the roster once it improves.

Washington Offseason Preparers (7-8) at New York Giants (2-13)

The NFC East is going to be a typhoon next year.

Dallas Cowboys (8-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (13-2)


Cleveland Browns (0-15) at Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3)

Yes, Cleveland is on the cusp of something...something. But they’ve got a ton to work with moving forward. I’m not suggesting the 2018 Cleveland Browns will be like the 2017 Los Angeles Rams...but the 2017 Rams weren’t supposed to be the 2017 Los Angeles Rams, sooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah.

(Note: The 2018 Cleveland Browns are prolly gonna go 1-15 so don’t @ me)