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Los Angeles Rams 19, Arizona Cardinals 13: Stalled

The Rams shot out to a quick 16-point lead. Then they surrendered nearly all of it.

Los Angeles Rams TE Gerald Everett scores a touchdown
Los Angeles Rams TE Gerald Everett scores a touchdown
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that is your 2017 Los Angeles Rams, TSTers.

Capable of explosive offense? Check. RB Todd Gurley versatile and talented? Check. Willing to avoid using him and get too predictable in route combinations stalling out? Check.

Wildly athletic on defense and able to threaten any passing attack in coverage? Check. A very worrisome run defense that can be exposed up front and at the second level? Check.

Playcalling and time management issues? Check.

Still winning? Check.

To paraphrase the former head coach of today’s opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, we are who we knew we were. And that’s ok. It’s just...kinda frustrating sometimes.

The question today is if the Rams can iron some of these things out. It’s Week 13. We’ve flipped the calendar to the final page. There’s not much time to install any major changes and map a new course. The Rams just have to figure out how to paper over their insufficiencies and boost their strengths, especially against capable opposition.

They nearly did that two weeks ago on the road against the Minnesota Vikings. They did it at home last weekend against the New Orleans Saints. They’ve done enough of it today, but certainly not according to the hopes of a fan base looking for a repeat of the London 33-0 beatdown.

Time to see if the Rams can paper over things for the next 30 minutes and get ready for their biggest game of the season on the back of a road win or if the frustration mounts.