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Sean McVay called Todd Gurley’s 2,000+ scrimmage yard season in July

Clairvoyant, that Sean McVay

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of the 2017 NFL season, LA Rams’ head coach Sean McVay has proven a lot of things.

He’s quieted any doubt that age and inexperience, as it pertains to being a head coach, doesn’t adversely impact a team’s ability to win — to make a postseason. He’s proven that effectively changing a team’s mantra, their culture, can be done overnight. And he’s proven that believing in your players will get them to believe in you. These are the facts.

And on Friday, with an assist from general manager Les Snead’s wife, Kara, McVay has proven that he can see the future. Well, maybe not, but he certainly saw Todd Gurley’s impressive 2017 bounce-back season coming.

McVay might’ve sold the 2017 MVP candidate a bit short on the touchdown figure, but all things considered, that’s some pretty impressive guesswork.

Now, one can only hope Mrs. Snead tweets out his Super Bowl prediction from earlier this year. But, let’s not jinx it. That can wait until after February 4, 2018.