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Random Ramsdom 12/28: Playoffs over rivalry

Coach McVay continues with the “We Not Me” approach.

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Coach Sean McVay elects to play it safe with his starters | LA Times

Gary Klein covers the press conference in which Coach Sean McVay talked about his decision to sit the starters to make sure they’re fresh and ready to go for the playoffs in two weeks.

QB Sean Mannion to get his first start on Sunday | Rams official site

If I read this at the beginning of the season, I would have been worried. But this is good news, guys.

Los Angeles Rams are the scariest team in the NFC | Fox Sports

Nick Wright tells Chris Carter and Jenna Wolfe about how the LA Rams are set up to inflict some major damage in the NFC playoffs. Does anyone else think that Nick Wright comes off like that guy at a party that just talks at you and even if he’s saying something you agree with, you’re still like, “I’m gonna go in the other room to see if I can find some nachos.” But you and Nick both know that the nachos are gone.

OLB Matt Longacre placed on the IR | Rams official site

Ugh. Not what Rams fans want to hear.

Is McVay making a mistake sitting his starters this week? | Ramblin’ Fan

Go ahead and read this article even though you know in your heart that the answer is “no.” We not me, guys. All day, every day.

Jared Goff’s confidence going into the playoffs | Rams-News

Rich Gannon, Trent Green, and Steve Beuerlein discuss the playoff confidence of LA Rams QB Jared Goff.

Todd Gurley voted MVP by players and coaches | Rams Wire

The team awards were given out on Wednesday by the Rams. Find out who won the awards like rookie of the year.

All-22 — Cooper Kupp’s magical catch | Rams official site

Watch Myles Simmons break down this amazing grab in Tennessee.

All-22 — Todd Gurley’s 80 yard TD | Rams official site

And this play is a beautiful catch to watch unfold. MVP, MVP, MVP! Check it out!

Todd Gurley is quickly closing the gap on Tom Brady for league MVP | USA Today

These stories are so much fun to read than the stories last year at this time. Think about it. Our “problem” right now is that Gurley resting this week may keep him from winning the MVP. I love it.

Who will the Rams play on Wild Card weekend? | Rams official site

Rams insider Myles Simmons tries to figure out who the Rams will play in two weeks. There are 24 scenarios that will play out this week! Read about all about the outcomes.