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2017 NFL power rankings, Week 17: Los Angeles Rams’ NFC West crown reflected in media rankings

Here’s how the major power rankings see the Rams after being named 2017 NFC West champions.

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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff celebrates after clinching the NFC West crown
Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff celebrates after clinching the NFC West crown
Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images

2017 NFL Power Rankings Summary - Week 17

Average ranking (# of rankings) 4.75 (8)
Average ranking (# of rankings) 4.75 (8)
Average change from last week +0.75
Highest ranking (source) 2nd (Yahoo! Sports)
Lowest ranking (source) 7th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) +2 (SB Nation)
Biggest negative change (source) -1 (Sports Illustrated)

SB Nation: 5th (last week: 7th)

While the playoffs will feature fun newcomers like the Jaguars and Rams, it’s many of the familiar faces back at the top of the power rankings going into Week 17. And who else should carry that torch than the Patriots after a 37-16 blowout of the Bills?


The Eagles still have a free pass to the Divisional round, but can the team score enough points to beat strong NFL competition like the Vikings, Saints, or Rams? It’s looking doubtful, and Philadelphia is as unconvincing as 13-2 teams ever come.

ESPN: 4th (5th)

You know you're having a special season when you hit your preseason over/under halfway through the schedule. That's what Los Angeles did this year. And while Jared Goff's improvement has been key, give some love to Todd Gurley, who eclipsed 2,000 yards from scrimmage in Week 16. 4th (5th)

The Rams earned a quality road win Sunday, even if it was a bit closer than most pundits anticipated. Todd Gurley continued to stake his claim -- and, by extension, the claim of every overlooked running back over the years -- to the league MVP award. Ezekiel Elliott should have received serious consideration last year. Hopefully, Gurley, who racked up 276 (276!!!!!) yards from scrimmage Sunday, will do better with the voters this year. The effort of the day, though, must go to Connor Barwin, who was all motor on that final Titans play to corral ... or upend ... or discombobulate Marcus Mariota. Heck, I don't know what to call that final sack/tumble/Vlade flop.

CBS Sports: 7th (8th)

They are going to be a real problem for any team in the playoffs. They can run it with Todd Gurley and now the defense is playing better.

Yahoo! Sports: 2nd (3rd)

In the final 12 minutes of a 27-23 game, the Rams defense got three stops in three tries against the Titans in a win that clinched a division title. Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Sean McVay’s play-calling get a lot of the attention, but the Rams have a good defense too. This a team without a real weakness.

Pro Football Talk: 7th (8th)

Sean McVay’s success reaffirms the reality that a good coach is worth a lot more money than a good player.

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB: 5th (4th)

USA Today: 4th (4th)

If MVPs are defined as players who step up in clutch, then consider Todd Gurley's 456 total yards, six TDs last two weeks as L.A. clinched division.