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Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans: Highlight/lowlight show Gurley sprinting for glory

Take a look at the massive play that re-took the lead for the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images


The lowlight of the day for the Los Angeles Rams was an accidental mistake that turned a bad play into a terrible one very quickly. RG Jamon Brown went the wrong way on the running play as everyone went right and Brown went left, resulting in an untouched Jurrell Casey being shot out of a cannon into the backfield. As Jared Goff went to hand the ball off, Casey was able to hit Goff from behind and force the ball out, allowing a Titans linebacker (Wesley Woodyard) to scoop the fumble and score.


After finally losing their lead, the Rams offense retaliated in a big way. Running one of their many screens on the day, Jared Goff found Todd Gurley who followed his blockers, mainly being John Sullivan who had two great blocks and Jamon Brown who got enough of a defender to spring him, all Gurley had to do was turn the jets on and outrun everyone on the field.

The Rams had a plan to attack the Titans in open space, as Coach McVay said the screen game was in the gameplan as something they wanted to deploy. The Rams have now clinched the NFC West, and a playoff spot.