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Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans: Live open thread

The NFC West crown needs a head to rest upon...

Los Angeles Rams
One team...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just over there. Within eyesight, within earshot and within reach. The NFC West crown is just over there.

All that stands between the Los Angeles Rams and that crown is a single game. About 125 plays or so. Just 60 minutes. One game against the Tennessee Titans.

The Rams have played 222 regular season games since they last won the NFC West. That was the only time they’ve won this incarnation of the West since it was formed in the 2002 season.

And that’s what looms. A farewell to failure. An end to iniquity. A chance to herald the dawn of a new Rams team with potential and promise and potency that is beginning to be realized on the field.

It’s not as simple as just showing up. The Titans are a formidable foe with plenty to play for themselves in the thick of the AFC playoff race.

But the Rams are reaching for something bigger, more momentous and certainly more historically valuable. It’s just over there.