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Dave McGinnis, former assistant to LA Rams HC Jeff Fisher, believes they deserve credit for 2017 success

Yes, McGinnis says he and Jeff Fisher were the masterminds behind the NOW-good Rams. Kick rocks, pal...

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St. Louis Rams Rookie Mini Camp Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

“First of all, Jeff Fisher and I, we built this roster, you know what I’m saying?

Get a load of this moron.

During an interview with the Tennessean, Dave McGinnis who worked under Jeff Fisher as former linebacker coach for the Tennessee Titans and assistant coach for the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams was all too happy to take credit for something that he and Fisher effed up. Royally.

So I know these guys very, very well. This defense and special teams of the Rams has been playoff-ready for two years, ability-wise and performance-wise.

The 2015 and 2016 Rams would have been playoff-ready only if the playoff bracket included Cleveland, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, and the New York Jets. Then again, the Rams got their asses beat by the 49ers twice in 2016 and barely beat the Jets, so even in that field they would not make it far.

The last two years, the offense has been historically bad. The offensive line was not good, was underperforming, could not get any stability at quarterback. The receivers, that was the issue. And we knew if we could ever just get, when we drafted Jared Goff, Jeff Fisher did the Rams organization a huge favor by not playing him right away because he would have ruined the kid just like David Carr got ruined when he had to play at Houston when they drafted him and got him 76 sacks his first year. He never recovered from that.

Ol’ Dave takes a page right out of Fisher’s book and makes it sound like Fisher had nothing to do with that underperforming offense. Like it’s a separate department that Fisher’s HEAD COACH status doesn’t reach.

But like a true lemming, Dave throws out the “you guys should be thanking Jeff Fisher for not playing QB Jared Goff early because he would have been ruined.”

  1. Fisher threw Goff out with seven games left and he nearly killed him, so go ahead and miss me with that.
  2. QB Case Keenum literally died on the field and Fisher left him in the game with a concussion.

"I didn't see anything from my vantage point on the sideline as far as Case's slow recovery — the shots that you've seen where he got up slow, the shots that we've seen out there. I didn't see that."

- Jeff Fisher, 2015

30-for-30 Idea: The coach who was blind.

“What if I told you, you don’t need eyes so see that your quarterback isn’t aware of who he is.”

Dave talks about Goff later in the interview...

“...The kid’s got an arm. He’s smart. He’s a worker. He’s a grinder. Absolutely. We knew he needed some people around him, and he needed a system. And that system is perfect for him.

“Goff needed a system. So we did what any good coaching staff would do by not giving him a system he needed. You’re welcome.”

For those who don’t actively follow the Tennessee media scene, Dave McGinnis is now the color commentator for the Tennessee Titans. He worked as Fisher’s linebackers coach with the Titans (2004-2011) and as his assistant head coach with the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (2012-2016). Knowing that makes it easier to understand why he gives Fisher such high praise.

He’s just Fisher’s stooge.

But anyway, what Sean McVay has done is bring a tremendous offensive system in there. They traded the worst-performing left tackle in the league, Greg Robinson, who is now out of the league, and paid money for the best-performing left tackle, Andrew Whitworth.

Yeah, and who drafted Greg Robinson, you dolt?

Todd Gurley is the real deal, and Jeff Fisher could envision him being his Eddie George for the next seven or eight years. That’s how it was put together. This defensive group we left for Wade Phillips to inherit is extremely talented, especially the front seven.

Remember that defense that could never stop the run and finished near the bottom of the league in sacks? Yeah, Wade Phillips should be kissing my ass for all the work I did for him.

I mean, Aaron Donald could be the defensive MVP of the league. Michael Brockers, who we took No. 1 out of LSU, is as good as there is. Robert Quinn is a No. 1 pick. It’s a really good defensive line. And then Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron are two of the best behind-the-line linebackers going right now. Especially the way Wade is using them. ... It’s a talented team. It’s a well-coached team. We left them a lot of talent.

Any idiot can pick talent. Prime example: Jeff Fisher.

“We left them.” Shut up, Dave. You set fire to a house and are asking for praise because McVay and Phillips cleaned it up. “Especially the way Wade is using them.” Yeah, Wade. Not Dave. Not Fisher. Wade.

Also, Robert Quinn was not Fisher’s pick. That was Bill Devaney’s pick, who is another idiot who expected praise for doing his job poorly.

My favorite part of this entire interview is when he’s trying to break down the Rams defense for the upcoming game.

“I’m not going to get into coaching it. They’ve got guys hired to do that. I just know this: the Rams' defense is like any other defense. You’ve got to be able to find their weak spots and attack them, and you’ve got to be able to stay ahead of the chains because if you get behind a group like this that can bring heat – they can bring pressure without blitzing, you know what I mean? – you’re in trouble.

Remember when you were going through the essay portion of the exam and you have to bullshit your way through a question? This guy was a coach in the NFL since the 80’s and he basically said “you beat a defense by beating the defense.”

There’s credit due for how the 2017 Los Angeles Rams are performing. It doesn’t go to Dave McGinnis or Jeff Fisher or anyone involved with the failures of years past.

Thanks, but no thanks.