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Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans Bold Predictions: a messy win in Nashville

The LA Rams need a win on the road and the Titans aren’t exactly consistent, which is a recipe for disaster. Look for McVay to push Goff across the finish line.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

To say that the Los Angeles Rams and the Tennessee Titans have a history together is an understatement. But these days, it’s more difficult to get a table on Sunday at one those hipster breakfast places in Nashville than it is to get a win against the Titans (just ask the dregs of the NFC West).

This Sunday’s game is less about the Tennessee Titans and more about the unfinished business of the LA Rams -- they need to win to get into the playoffs and remain at the top of the NFC West. Standing in their way? Well, sure, the Titans will be there on the field, but so will be a new kicker for the Rams... which is more of a worry for Rams fans. So, are the Rams going to win? Yeah, of course. But how will they win?

Let’s get bold.

Jared Goff will throw for 375+ yards, 3 TDs, but 3 INTs

This won’t be a pretty game for QB Jared Goff, but it will be an effective one as Coach Sean McVay will put a lot on the shoulders of the young play caller. LB Derrick Morgan is healthy again and will be getting to Goff often — so look for Jared to get frazzled in the pocket, throwing a couple of errant throws. The Rams will fall behind early in the game, only to rely on Goff’s arm and McVay’s coaching to secure the victory.

Not one, but two pick-6’s for Lamarcus Joyner

Should Lamarcus Joyner be on the Pro Bowl roster? Absolutely. Do you think he has a chip on his shoulder about it? I’d say so. And there’s no better way for him to get his frustrations out about his Pro Bowl snub than to take it out on his next opponent. QB Marcus Mariota has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season, so what’s another two? It’s the season of giving and Lamarcus Joyner deserves it.

The Titans will hold RB Todd Gurley to no touchdowns rushing

If Tennessee has been doing one thing right this season, it’s been keeping the other team from rushing the ball. They’ve allowed the least amount of rushing TDs in the league (5) and will keep Gurley away from the end zone on Sunday. This is only bold because Gurley has been a TD machine as of late, and smart money would bet on McVay giving the rock to Todd Gurley as much as possible. But I think it’ll be the opposite: a pass happy Rams offense using Gurley as a decoy.

The new Rams kicker, Sam Ficken, will nail a 50+ kick, but miss two others

The biggest narrative coming out of this game will be the panic running through the Rams fan base. “What are we going to do without Greg Zuerlein?” Sam Ficken will be a mixed bag on Sunday, missing a couple of field goals, which will undoubtedly cause an uproar on Rams Twitter, but he also have his moments, or moment -- showing that he has a big-time leg, but also some big time nerves subbing in with so much pressure on the line.

12 catches for Cooper Kupp

If Goff is going to throw the ball all over the field, then Kupp is obviously going to reap the rewards -- the kid will be everywhere.

This game is going to be scary at first, but will eventually turn out OK for the Rams once they get their offense going. Rams win, 38-14.