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Random Ramsdom 12/20: Pro Bowl caliber Rams

The LA Rams are getting respect from everyone, even those voting for the Pro Bowl. Can they take this praise all the way to the Super Bowl?

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Five Rams named to Pro Bowl | ESPN

Besides the five that made it, QB Jared Goff, OT Andrew Whitworth, and CB Trumaine Johnson are alternates.

Rams are young, but they know how to persevere | ESPN

The Rams haven’t lost two consecutive games, a sign that this team is the real deal.

Plenty of teams have work to do before playoffs | LA Times

The Rams can’t coast for the next two weeks, that’s for sure. Here’s what they need to accomplish in this column by Sam Farmer.

Colin Cowherd reacts to the Rams victory in Seattle | Rams-News

Are you tired about hearing about the Rams demolition of the Seahawks? If so, what’s wrong with you?

Aeneas Williams reacts to the Rams big win | Rams-News

Listen to the what the NFL Hall of Famer thinks of the Rams’ surprise season.

Aaron Donald appears on the Rich Eisen Show | Rams official site

Donald called into the show to talk about the aggressiveness of the Rams defense and what he thinks of Todd Gurley’s performance this season.

Charley Casserly explains how the Rams bottled up Russell Wilson | Rams official site

NFL Network's Charley Casserly explains how the Los Angeles Rams shut down Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a fantastic effort on Sunday.

Where will Todd Gurley finish in the MVP voting? | Rams official site

The GMFB gang talks about the chances of Gurley swooping into the MVP sweepstakes.

McVay endorses Rams RB Todd Gurley as MVP |

I mean, it’d be weird if Coach McVay was like “Eh, vote for someone else. Not sure if Todd really stepped up this year.” But sure, read this article.

Loaded up Rams set for a Super Bowl run | CBS Sports

Hype hype hype!

Power rankings don’t do much | Rams official site

In some rankings, the Rams have dropped a couple of places. Shows you how much respect the Seahawks are getting right now.