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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks: 2nd down, second guessing


Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

A Game For The Ages

While most of the country was watching the New England Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams fans were completely focused on the Seattle game. The 12th man was in full force. Both teams were playing for the NFC West Division—winner would have a big leg up on the loser for the division crown and a seat at the playoff table.

For Los Angeles Rams diehards this had been the game they have been waiting for, for 30 years and the Rams didn’t disappoint. In fact they exceeded all expectations. The Los Angeles Rams destroyed, beat down, crushed and demolished the Seahawks. Every phase of how you win in professional football was on display in the first half. At halftime the Rams led 34-0. That’s right 34-0!

In the end the Rams outgained the Seahawks an astonishing 352 yards to 149 and got a safety to boot.

This improbable, unbelievable 2017 season was in full effect.

There is a changing of the guard. The 2nd youngest team in the NFL defeated their most formidable opponent within the division and it wasn’t even close. Los Angeles Rams fans, WE OWN THE WEST!

The Rams came out an played the game with fire in their belly, a desire, a belief—that’s what makes champions. The Rams first half was a historic performance.

The game will go down in the annals of Rams history.

Watching the Seattle fans run to the exits in the 3rd quarter was purely delightful. Hearing their players whine and groan about what should have been after the game, pure pleasure.

It was amazing!

So how can I criticise the Rams? I can search for every little minor flaw. I could complain about penalties and turnovers; but I’m left with only one thing—on 4th down and less than a yard to go, run Gurley. However, this is hardly something worth even mentioning when you win a game 42-7.

To Rams fans everywhere, to the organization, to the players, to the coaches, thank you for making this the best Christmas present one could get this year.