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5 things we learned from the Rams’ blowout win in Seattle

This season, and this blowout win, has been a long time coming for the fanbase.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Rodger Saffold is Playing to His Full Potential

Shoutout to SeattleRams for this video.

LG Rodger Saffold has been arguably the best Rams’ offensive lineman drafted in a long time. He’s certainly been the most consistent since he was drafted in 2010.

But in 2017, he’s been playing to his fullest potential and we are finally seeing that he is worthy of all the accolades. The dude blocks like a freight train flying down the tracks. Seattle wasn’t the first time he’s been plowing through defenders, either. This is just a tiny sample size of what he’s been doing all season.

We all recognize the bounce-back of QB Jared Goff and HB Todd Gurley. But Saffold’s bounce-back has not only been impressive, but crucial to the team’s success on the ground.

Victory Monday is Sweeter After the Seahawks

Holy shit. What a feeling. Every Victory Monday is sweet, but none is sweeter than going to Seattle and dunking on them all afternoon in their own city.

Seattle and Los Angeles/St. Louis has always been a good rivalry. It’s probably the best one in the division. There was a time when Arizona and Seattle was the marquee, but that lasted all of two seasons, when they were both vying for the top spot in the west. But regardless of the records, Seahawks VS. Rams was always good.

But Sunday’s win was a bloodbath. Seattle has only allowed more than 30 points four times before Sunday. The Rams scored more than 30 in the first half alone.

This wasn’t just a great win. It was the best win the Rams’ have had all season. All three phases were dominant and the Rams beat the Seahawks so badly, they turned on each other.

This is so good it has to be fattening.

Every week is a proving ground

The Rams have not lost two-in-a-row all season. After the close lose to Philadelphia, you could tell the Rams were angry at themselves, held themselves accountable, and corrected their issues.

We’ve seen that after every loss. We’ve seen that after every win. We have circled a handful of games where the Rams would truly be tested. But the tests come every week. No one would blame them to losing to Seattle in Seattle. It would suck, but it wouldn’t be an easy win they should have had.

Seattle beat Philly and took it to Jacksonville and nearly won. Despite the blowout, they were pretty hot coming into Sunday’s game.

The Rams are playing their best football in December, and they got here by going to work every week dating back to July. This isn’t an overnight sensation. The Rams have been proving their worth every week.

Rams Reach Double-Digit Wins For the First Time Since 2003

Being a Rams fan gets better every passing week. First, we celebrated not finishing with a losing season. Then we celebrated the fact that, no matter what happened at the end of the season, the Rams would finish with a winning record.

Now, we’re celebrating 10-wins, which we last saw nearly two decades ago.

We all became fans at different stages of the franchise. I became a fan when they moved to St. Louis (being a native born son). I wasn’t even in my teens, yet, and I was blessed with the Greatest Show on Turf. And then I endured years of Marc Bulger being pummeled to death, Kenneth Darby being destroyed by a ref, and Keith Null leading us into the unknown.

Some of us have endured worse for far longer. But whatever stage you are in, this year means the world. This year is a turning point for the franchise and it’s the year we can actually back up that our team will make it to the playoffs this year.

Not even jersey combinations could ruin this year. Trot them out wearing this turd, I don’t care. Just keep playing great football.

The Rams Wrecked All of Seattle

I’m sure Seattle, the city, is a fine metropolis. But Seattle, as an NFL fanbase, sucks to high hell. But for different reasons not including exiting their stadium in mass numbers while there was plenty of football left to play.


Now, there have been plenty-a-blowout down at the Ol’ Edward Jones Dome, but I’ve never seen anyone in St. Louis exit a stadium like that. But hey, they must be a hockey town.