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Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: Matchups to watch

The Rams learned some hard lessons last weekend against the Eagles. Here’s how to avoid repeating them.

St Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The de facto NFC West championship game is 3 days away, and fans of the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks are in for a real treat. These two teams are fierce competitors and I’d expect that to only be elevated on Sunday given what is at stake - a nearly guaranteed division crown and home playoff game.

The Rams weaknesses have been somewhat exposed over the past month or so by the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles. You can bet that the Seahawks will attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities. If the Rams can adjust and win these matchups, they have a great chance to walk away from CenturyLink Field with W.

Trumaine Johnson vs Doug Baldwin

Tru had a pair of horrible penalties that had a profound impact on last week’s loss. I thought that both were bogus calls, but that’s neither here nor there. Johnson is getting paid WAY too much money to make those kinds of mistakes.

Given the history between these teams, I’d be shocked if the Seahawks didn’t try to provoke Tru in an attempt to throw him off of his game. Baldwin is a #1 receiver in his own right, but if the Rams franchise player isn’t at the top of his game this could be a scary matchup for Rams fans to watch.

Rams ILBs vs Russell Wilson

What do Case Keenum, Carson Wentz, and Wilson have in common? Aside from beating the Rams this season, they’re all slippery as hell in the pocket. Time and time again the Rams seem to be in a position to make a big sack, but the opposing QB slips away. Wilson is a more dynamic runner than Keenum or Wentz, and the Rams will be forced to shadow him the entire game to keep him from beating them with his legs.

It will come down to Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron to keep Wilson in the pocket. Let’s hope they’re up to the task.

Rams Youth vs Seattle’s 12th Man

Will the Rams be able to keep their composure?

Jared Goff looked shook at home last week in a pivotal game for the Rams and Sean McVay let his playcalling get away from him a bit. I think some of that can be chalked up to being in a pressure cooker against one of the NFL’s best teams.

They’ll have to work a bit harder to keep cool, calm, and collected as they play in Seattle - who arguably has the strongest home field advantage in the NFL.