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Los Angeles Rams-Seattle Seahawks Bold Predictions: Gurley unleashed

With a banged up defense, the Seahawks are going to get chewed up, spit out, then kicked into the Pacific Ocean.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

After the heartbreaking loss last week, the Los Angeles Rams can’t afford to lose to the Seattle Seahawks again. It’s just not even something we can think about it. I mean, I just did and I don’t like the consequences. So, if this game is so important, how is it going to shake out?

Let’s get bold.

Todd Gurley is going to go bananas and score four touchdowns

LB Bobby Wagner and LB K.J. Wright look uncertain to play on Sunday, possibly opening up running lanes for RB Todd Gurley. A lot of the other big names are missing on the Seahawks defensive roster, but they’ve been able to play good enough to find a win against the Philadelphia Eagles a couple weeks ago -- so this won’t be a cake walk. However, with Wagner and Wright possibly sitting out, I’m predicting a HUGE game for Gurley. Actually, to put it more boldly: Todd Gurley is going to have the best game of his career, increasing the “Gurley for MVP” chatter.

Cooper Kupp will have a very quiet game

I don’t think Goff is going to have to throw the ball much, and when he does, it’ll be to Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins. Because of the hot streak he’s been on as of late, the Seahawks will be keeping a close eye on Super Cooper*, allowing Coach McVay to use him as a decoy of sorts.

*I just made that nickname up for him and without Googling it, I’m almost sure that no one else has come up with it, so... all rights reserved?

Russell Wilson will throw 3 interceptions, but run for 80+ yards

Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers are going to chase Russell Wilson all over the field, that’s not a secret, but the fact that the pressure will rattle him enough to serve up 3 turnovers will be a bit of a pleasant surprise for Rams fans.

Bold bonus prediction: one of those interceptions will be tipped into the hands of Aaron Donald.

No blocked punts or blocked field goals for the Rams

It goes to show how great the special teams for the Rams have been playing when this is a bold prediction. Congrats, Coach John Fassel, you are my hero.

Several Rams backups will play the 4th quarter

Similar to the New York Giants game, this will be over in the 3rd quarter. As much as the 12th man is an advantage in Seattle, it won’t matter much when the Rams are up by a handful of touchdowns.

My gut feeling is that the Rams have a bad taste in their mouth after the previous loss to the Seahawks and compounded with the defeat to the Eagles, the Rams are going to get their frustrations out in a loud way. Rams win 52-10.