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Random Ramsdom 12/13: back on track

One year after Jeff Fisher getting fired, the LA Rams are a completely different team with a brand new culture.

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Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One year after firing Fisher, the Rams are suddenly on track | ESPN

Alden Gonzalez breaks down a very eventful year for the LA Rams. How much has the team changed in a year? A lot, guys. A lot.

Andrew Whitworth buys bikes for an entire elementary school | Sports Illustrated

LT Andrew Whitworth is arguably the MVP this season for the Rams and he proved that beyond that, he’s also a pretty good dude. This is a feel good story in all the right ways.

Does Gurley need more touches? | ESPN

13 carries? The way RB Todd Gurley has been playing? It’s a fair question.

NFL Week 15 clinching scenarios: what do the Rams need to happen | USA Today

Just win, baby.

Rams legend Marshall Faulk suspended for sexual misconduct | OC Register

One of the biggest stories of the day had to be the report that several players, including RB Marshall Faulk, were named in a lawsuit that was filed with the Supreme Court. Faulk is currently at the NFL Network, where Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans were suspended. Other big names were named in the suit as well. A must read.

Robert Woods on pace to return on Sunday | CBS Sports

Hey fantasy football nerds, you can start Woods this week.

Where do the Rams stand in the playoff picture? | Rams official site

Things unfold pretty nicely in regards to the playoffs if the Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. If they don’t, they could possibly tumble down to a 7 seed.

Seahawks will rely on a number of backups on Sunday | Daily Herald

Everett, Washington’s paper believes that OLB Michael Wilhoite, LB Terrence Garvin, LB D.J. Alexander, S Bradley McDougald, and CB Justin Coleman could all play key roles in the NFC West showdown with the LA Rams.

ALL 22 — Gurley breaks out for 30- yard run | Rams official site

Watch Myles Simmons work the touch screen with this impressive run by Gurley. What’s great about this play is the extremely productive blocking by the Rams.

ALL 22 - Michael Thomas stuff a punt and Rams score | Rams official site

This play is amazing and it’s even better in slow motion.

Isaac Bruce is even more confident in the Rams after the loss | Rams official site

Watch ex-Ram Issac Bruce on Up To The Minute on the NFL Network, talking about his rising confidence in the Rams after their performance against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Move the sticks: preview of the Rams-Seahawks matchup | Rams official site

Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah look at the stakes of this upcoming game and they feel like it’ll be another playoff type game. There is definitely some urgency for both teams.

It’s been a special season for Coach John Fassel | LA Times

Having been the head coach last for a couple weeks last year for the Rams, John Fassel has a unique perspective as the special teams coach. Read about how Fassel is enjoying the best season of his career and what he learned from last year.

WR Cooper Kupp breaks franchise record on Sunday | Rams official site

Cooper Kupp has caught more balls for the Rams as a rookie than anymore else. He was the 7th wide receiver drafted last year and has more catches than all of them.

Rams don’t fall too hard in new power rankings | Rams official site

Probably because the Rams lost in a hard fought game to the toast of the NFC, the Rams didn’t get too much disrespect this week, they even jumped two spots in the USA Today and Sports Illustrated rankings!