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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Highlight/lowlight show rookie importance

As the Rams top WR Robert Woods went down, a certain rookie has stepped up and filled the role effectively

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images


The lowlight for the Rams is more about this drive as a whole, as opposed to just this play. First, the Rams managed to actually stop the Eagles right outside of the redzone, and would have forced the Eagles into attempting a 40-something yard FG, though that was offset by a very dumb taunting “penalty” on CB Trumaine Johnson. The penalty gave the Eagles a new set of downs, where they actually scored (which was called back as a hold, and also led to Carson Wentz’s injury). The Rams managed to keep the Eagles out of the endzone for the next three plays again, though the play above was converted for a TD on 4th down.

This series as a whole was crucial, because instead of the Rams leading the game 28-27 and then facing backup QB Nick Foles, the Eagles got the lead 31-28, and those points turned out to essentially be the difference at the end of the game.


This was a huge play for the Rams, for multiple reasons. First, it was 3rd and long, and the Rams not only managed to move the chains, they got all the way into the redzone. Cooper Kupp easily beat former Ram Rodney McLeod, then continued to make guys miss, bringing the ball down all the way to the Eagles 11-yard line, for a 64-yard gain. This drive eventually led to a 6-yard touchdown for Cooper Kupp, and kept the Rams within striking distance, not allowing the Eagles to get the game out of hand.