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TRANSCRIPT: LA Rams HC Sean McVay, QB Jared Goff, RB Todd Gurley, WR Cooper Kupp, CB Nickell Robey-Coleman, ILB Alec Ogletree, DL Aaron Donald post-game media interviews

Here’s what the Rams had to say after the big Week 14 loss.

Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp
Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(Opening Remarks)

“Okay guys, tough football game, tough football game today. We played against an excellent opponent. They made more plays than we did in the end. Congratulations to (Eagles Head) Coach (Doug) Pederson and the Eagles, but it’s a great learning opportunity for us. There was a handful of things that took place in that game that we will learn from – we’ll learn from our mistakes, including me, starting with me. This week provides a great chance for us to respond quickly, go play a great divisional opponent in the Seattle Seahawks and try to see if we can find a way to gather ourselves together to learn from the mistakes and move forward accordingly. What this team has done week-in and week-out is we’ve responded the right way – I trust our guys will do that. There is going to be some things that we certainly can’t do if we’re going to win some football games going into the last quarter of the season, finishing up with these three games and it’s a great challenge with the Seahawks. From an injury standpoint, (T) Rob Havenstein got an ankle, don’t have any updates on him. (CB) Kayvon Webster, I think it’s already out there he did rupture his Achilles (tendon) – very unfortunate, Kayvon is a great competitor, we love Kayvon and what he’s meant to this football team and guys are going to need to step up in his absence. (T) Andrew Whitworth had his ankle, but he came back and then (CB) Trumaine Johnson will be in the concussion protocol and that’s where we’re at from an injury standpoint.”

(On learning some hard lessons today)

“Yeah, against a great team like that there is things that you can’t do. We cannot afford to beat ourselves, we’ve got to make sure that we always do a great job taking care of the football. I think when you look at that play right there, it was a great rush by (Eagles DE) Chris Long – certainly not a great play selection by me – I’ve got to do a better job of putting our offense in better situations, be smart, have a little bit of situational awareness there and that was a mistake on my part. But, when you look at it, we can’t afford to allow them to extend drives by things that we can control. I trust the football character of this team that those lessons that we’ll learn from this game will provide a great opportunity for us to move forward. Unfortunately, you do have to learn some lessons the hard way, myself included, most importantly starting with me and I can’t wait to watch the resolve of this team as we move forward into a great week for Seattle.”

(On what he feels like QB Jared Goff can learn from this game)

“I think every single week provides a great learning opportunity for him every single play. It was a great defense. (Eagles Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Jim) Schwartz did a good job of changing some things up. We didn’t get enough opportunities. We really only had – I want to say 45 snaps today, so it’s hard. We had really three possessions in the second half when you look at it, the two touchdown drives and then we end up turning it over on the second-down play and then really last deal where it’s kind of the last play, so four technically. But, we’ve got to do a better job early on of sustaining drives by converting on third downs. We had a couple third-and-manageables where they did a great job creating some pressure, the ball had to come out and these are all things that we can look at and clean up collectively as a unit.”

(On if he got any clarity on the CB Trumaine Johnson penalty and the leverage penalty on the field goal)

“Yeah, what they were saying is that we leapt on the leverage penalty and then they said that these guys had been talking, going back and forth and there had been some warnings going on and that was the decision that the side judge made and those are things that we have to respect and we have to handle the right way and I trust that we will as we move forward.”

(On what he thought about Eagles QB Carson Wentz)

“I think he’s a great competitor. I think when you just look at his ability to extend plays, the toughness, eyes down the field when things are there in rhythm, so you see why he’s had the season that he’s had. They were able to stay on the field – I want to say they almost had twice as many snaps, I think they had 85 snaps today and (Eagles QB Nick) Foles came in and did a nice job, it was a big third down that they hit to (Eagles WR Nelson) Agholor. They made the plays, hats off to them and Coach Pederson – they’re a very well coached team, complete in all three phases and it’s a great challenge for us as we move forward to try to see if we can go get our tenth win in Seattle.”

(On what the decision was like to play LB Alec Ogletree and how did he think Ogletree competed)

“It seemed like he did a nice job. He’s going to continue to compete. We made the decision that we felt like certainly he’s not at 100 percent, but Alec, with the way that he communicates, with the way that he leads, with the way that he’s able to pursue the football we felt like with where his elbow was at we’re going to further risk anymore injuries and he was going to be able to play at level that we felt like was going to be successful for our defense and he continued to compete until the end. Until you go back and look at the tape, it’s hard to truly say exactly, but he’s a great competitor and we’re fortunate to have Alec on our team.”

(On why Ogletree exited briefly)

“I’m not sure. There were a couple things. He might have had a little issue, there was a lot of different things that took place, but I’m not sure why he exited briefly.”

(On what happens with the secondary with Webster and Johnson going down)

“Guys will need to step up. We’ve got some depth at the corner spot – you look at (CBs) Troy Hill and Kevin Peterson had to step in, (DB) Blake Countess can do a little bit of both, but those are things that after we kind of have some finality in terms of what we’re going to do we’ll get a chance to gather ourselves as a staff tomorrow and have a little bit better direction moving forward.”

(On if the nature of the game was to stay aggressive on the play when Goff fumbled)

“Yeah, I think the one thing that we’re always going to be is we’re going to be aggressive and we want to be smart when we are aggressive and understanding the defense, some of the things that they’re presenting, provided being mindful of whatever the situation is – up one in that spot, Rob (Havenstein) had just gone out the previous play, so there were a lot of things. I don’t regret ever being aggressive, but being more situationally aware and how I can put our team in a better spot I would say is probably the more appropriate term and that’s something that I’ll learn from.”

(On if Goff has to do a better job of protecting the ball in that situation)

“I think they made the play. Until I go back and truly see the play and am able to really truly evaluate it where you’re not just seeing it in live action it’s always tough to say. But, anytime that plays like that are made, it’s also a credit to the defense being able to create that and there’s a situation where Chris Long, you guys are familiar with him ended up making a big rush and provided them with a huge play that ended up being the game winning type play.”

(On if there is any concern with the discipline of his team after so many penalties)

“Certainly. I will say this, it provides an opportunity for us to learn from. We can’t beat ourselves. We’ve got the right guys in that locker room from a football-character standpoint to take accountability for the things that we can control and this is coaches and players alike. But, what we’re not going to do is we’re not going to beat ourselves. Unfortunately, there were some instances today where we gave them some free first downs because of things that we can control and I trust our guys will respond the right way as we move forward.”

(On Eagles QB Nick Foles performance)

“I think you have a lot of respect for Nick Foles, he’s had a lot of success in this league. Certainly Carson is special for a reason, but I think it’s just he made a handful of plays at the end and they were able to pull it out and hats off to Nick right there.”

(On how he thinks Goff handled the pressure of the Eagles pass rush)

“They’re a great defense. I thought really, when you start out with the first drive, we’re able to get a scoring possession and then the first down play that comes out for a big run when they call the hold, now you’re playing behind the sticks and we just didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities. They’re a great defense for a reason – they’re great against the run, they’re great against the pass – it’s why they’re a top-tier unit. But, we competed, guys competed well – love to have had a couple more opportunities and certainly for me as a play caller I would have loved to have that first down call back where it ends up leading to the turnover there.”

(On the blocked punt for a touchdown)

“Huge momentum. You look at ‘Bones’ (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) and ‘Ty’ (Assistant Special Teams Coordinator Tyrone McKenzie) do a great job of scheming some things up, (WR) Mike Thomas ends up coming free and Blake Countess is able to deliver, finishing that play and that’s kind of the theme for the year when you look at the way the special teams has played and they gave us a chance to win the football game by being able to come away with a touchdown in that instance and that’s the third touchdown on special teams this year, which is a huge credit to for ‘Bones’ and that unit and that was a big play for us and unfortunately we weren’t able to capitalize and turn it into a winning-type play.”

QB Jared Goff

(On is this game was a hard lesson learned with the amount of penalties and turnovers)

“It was definitely a really tight one and one that was a lot of fun to be a part of. We would have liked to finish it a different way, but I think if we eliminate some of the stuff that we did that hurt us in the end there – it could be a different story. That Philadelphia team is really good. It’s a really good team and so are we and we knew it was going to be a dog fight and so did they. Four quarter game all the way to the end and hopefully bounce back next week and have a good one in Seattle.”

(On if he found out anything new about himself in today’s game)

“No, I don’t think so. I felt good the whole game. Thought we did a pretty good job scheming and game planning. Moved the ball around a little bit. We’d like to make a few more plays at the end there to win it, but ultimately we couldn’t.”

(On the play where Eagles DE Chris Long forced him to fumble)

“I probably just held on to it a little bit too long. Stepped in the pocket there and Chris Long came around and made a great play. Probably get rid of it a little earlier there and one thing that you can learn from for sure.”

(On Head Coach Sean McVay blaming himself for the forced fumble play by Eagles Long)

“He told me the same thing. He shouldn’t do that. He’s been doing a great job all year calling plays. Once the play comes in, it’s my job to execute it and fortunately we didn’t.”

(On if he has disappointed in the decision to punt the ball with two minutes left in the fourth quarter)

“No, that was the right move. That was for sure the right move. I think fourth-and-long there and you still have three timeouts, still got the two-minute warning – I completely agree with that move.”

(On what separates the two teams in the end)

“I think if we played them 10 times, it would be close every game. It comes down to, at the end of the game who makes the play and who doesn’t and who takes care of the ball and doesn’t have dumb penalties and stuff like that. That ends up being the difference in the game, and we did that and they didn’t. So, hats off to them. They’re a great team, really good team; complete team. That was a really good atmosphere out there today. It felt like a playoff game and one that we would’ve liked to win.”

(On if he got a chance to talk to Eagles QB Carson Wentz after the game)

“Not at afterwards, no.”

(On if this last stretch of games against competitive opponents has made him believe that the Rams can compete)

“Of course. I think anytime you get a chance to play the top teams, you get a chance to see where you’re at. We’ve had the Vikings and this one that were both close that we’d like to pull out. But, we did beat the Saints at home a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had a number of other good wins on that road and all over the place. So, no I think we’re in a great spot. Next week, we have another big on in Seattle. It’ll be a fun one and a good atmosphere I’m sure. We’re going to have to get ready for that one soon.”

(On the team not losing two in a row all year and the key to success to bouncing back)

“Got a short memory. Our whole team’s got a short memory. I think we understand as good as any team I the league that we can’t let a team beat us twice. As big as this game was and as many implications as there were, they played a great game. We played pretty well up until the end. Ultimately, next week, we got to come back and try to do that same thing and play a really good game and finish it off. So we know we can’t dwell on this at all.”

(On how he thinks he played)

“Okay. Anytime you don’t win, you’re never really satisfied, but there were some things I was happy with and plenty of things I would like to have back. I’d have to look at the film to give you a better answer, but there was a little bit of both.”

(On McVay talking about missed opportunities and if that’s his biggest takeaway as well)

“I think so, especially at the end there. I thought when we hit the punt play, get the touchdown, we had two good drives to start the half - two touchdown drives. Only had so many plays in the second half, they did a good job taking care of the ball on their side and running some clock. But, we started off the second half with two touchdowns and had two more possessions after that and didn’t score on those and that’s the difference. If we get a chance to score on those it’s probably be a different ball game.”

(On what he thinks the issue was with the offense)

“I don’t know. I don’t think there was an issue offensively. When you play a good team like that, they’re going to make plays too and you try to respond. It was a battle of a top offense and a top defense. Ultimately, they came out on top.”

(On the reports that Wentz may have a torn ACL and if that ends up being the case what is that like for him and for the league if he has to miss time)

“It’s terrible. I just heard that. I shot him a quick text, hoping for the best for him. It’s tough, especially a guy I’m close with, young guy. I hope that’s not the case. Praying for the best, but if there’s anyone that’ll bounce back it’ll be him. I think he can handle it.”

(On how challenging it was with the rotation of offensive linemen due to injuries)

“That’s part of the game. That happens every week across the league and guys have to step up and step in. I thought (T) Darrell (Williams) did a good job coming in on the left side at first and (T Andrew) Whitworth came back, and had to come in of the right side. It’s a tough position, being cold on the side lines and having to jump in like that, but thought he did a good job.”

(On if he felt good about the game when Wentz went out with an injury, due to the way Wentz was playing)

“No. There was a still a whole fourth quarter left and (Eagles QB) Nick’s (Foles) no slouch himself. He’s played in the league for a long time and can do some things and clearly showed that tonight."

RB Todd Gurley

(On how he feels after the game)

“We lost that game. At the end of the day, we’ve got to do better – penalties, turnovers, fixing that so we can bounce back.”

(On if he feels confident that his team can play with or beat anybody in the NFC)

“It’s the NFL, man. Anybody can beat anybody no matter what team it is. We’ve just got to come in and be able to prepare, go out there and execute. The main thing is take care of the ball.”

(On his success running the ball)

“(Offensive Line) Coach (Aaron) Kromer, he does a great job every week of just coming in there. He’s putting in good schemes and he was able to do that. We know they like to rush the passer a lot and get up field. We were able to use that as an advantage. The big boys up front, they did good, (TE Tyler) Higbee. Everybody did good. We’ve just got to finish a little bit more.

WR Cooper Kupp

(On his thoughts after a game where the team came up a bit short)

“Just a few plays on either side that, going one way or another, things we’ve got to clean up – things that we can execute better. Philly is a great team. Across the board they’ve got some really good football players. It was a lot of fun being able to go out and compete against them. We will get back and watch the film and learn from it. We expect to get a W.”

(On his connections with QB Jared Goff and his speed on the 66-yard reception)

“We’ll see it on the film. We’ll see it on the film what that looks like. I got a glimpse of it up on the jumbotron. I looked a little slow, I don’t know so we’ll see.”

(On his thoughts going into next week’s game at Seattle)

“It’s your divisional opponent, so it’s going to be a lot of fun heading up to their place. You have a lot of respect for them and the way they play the game. We’re excited about that. We’re excited to go prepare this week. Seven days from now we’ve got to be ready to go again.”

CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

(On his thoughts CB Kayvon Webster’s injury)

“Kayvon is my guy. Kayvon and I go all the way back to high school. It means a lot to me that he’s hurt right now. I pray (for) nothing but the best for him, his recovery and his family.”

(On what he saw with Trumaine Johnson’s penalty)

“They weren’t even talking trash, they were just talking football and they threw the flag. I really don’t know exactly what went on in that conversation because I was far away.”

(On how good Wentz is and how the game changed when he went out)

“(Eagles QB) Nick (Foles) went in and basically just put the icing on the cake for Wentz. But Wentz is a good player. I respect him a lot. He’s smart, can use his feet really well and that’s what makes him really good.”

(On if he thinks about one play here and there when he loses a close game)

“You can look at it two different ways. You can go home and beat yourself up or you can say, ‘I have another opportunity next week to do the right thing and to actually close in on a division opponent in a game that we really need and learn from this loss.’ This loss doesn’t define us as a team, it doesn’t define one player or who he is. This loss is definitely a learning experience late in the game, learning how to be a situational master, being smart and avoiding penalties. Things like that are going to make us better in the future.”

(On if it helps knowing the Seahawks lost today)

“Yeah, it felt pretty good, but I just wish we could have taken care of business on our side, that’s it.”

LB Alec Ogletree

(On what he thought of Eagles QB Carson Wentz)

“He’s an elite quarterback in this league. He’s definitely pretty athletic. If you’re not careful, he can get out of stuff and get down field and make throws. I think we just have to nail it down a little bit more and be able to rattle him a little bit.”

(On if he thinks the team will be able to rally against Seattle)

“This game’s over with. Yeah we lost, but it is what it is, they played better than us and they were able to get the win. Like I said, a division game next week in Seattle, that game is always tough. Like I said, we just got to get ready for that one now.”

(On the status of his elbow coming out of this game)

“I felt fine, I came out well. It didn’t get any worse so I’m definitely excited about that. Thanks to the training staff and everybody for helping me get back.”

(On if this was the best offense he’s seen this year)

“They’re a great team. It’s not just offense, they made plays on defense and special teams. It’s a team game and they played really well as a team to get the job done. Definitely a top offense in this league. For us, it’s just a matter of us doing what we need to do and winning our one-on-one matchups and getting pressure on the quarterback. Like I said, I don’t think we did enough of that today but definitely proud of the guys for continuing to fight until the end.”

(On if he thought the penalties hurt them and how they get rid of them)

“They definitely did. You mentally have to be disciplined. (Head) Coach Sean (McVay) preaches it all the time. Since day one he came in, you have to be mentally and physically tough. That’s what we say a Ram is, being mentally and physically tough. You can’t have all those penalties because they come back to hurt you. Like I said, we’ll come back, we’ll fix it and hopefully get it right for next week.”

DT Aaron Donald

(On some of the positives from this game)

“Yeah we’re fine. Like I said, we just have to watch the film and see what went on. There’s nothing to worry about, we’re still in a good position. We’re going to keep working and keep grinding. We’re still winning.”

(On the halftime adjustments)

“Just coaching, putting us in position to stop things that we were getting hurt with in the first half. We fixed it.”

(On if the showed anything different than what they saw on film)

“No, they just did a good job of executing plays and making stuff happen.”

(On if he thought they beat themselves with penalties)

“Yeah, anytime in a hard fought game, a tough game, you get penalties like that it’s going to hurt you. Like I said, they made plays, we made plays, but they made one more than what we did today.”

(On what this result makes next week’s game in Seattle)

“No matter what, we know what we have to do. It’s a divisional game with a team we’re always going back and forth with. We know it’s going to be a dog fight so we know we have to get prepared for it.”