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Los Angeles Rams 35, Philadelphia Eagles 43: Welcome

The Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles, have arrived. The question is if the NFL is ready.

Los Angeles Rams v. Philadelphia Eagles
Los Angeles Rams v. Philadelphia Eagles
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams lost to the Philadelphia Eagles today, 35-43.

The score didn’t matter. The details didn’t matter. The individuals didn’t matter.

What mattered is that in the middle of December after a snowstorm enthralled the South and dusted the East before blanketing the Northeast, the NFL world, the US and the entire international sporting audience tuned in today to see what was happening with the sport of football.

In the morning, they were told to watch the Rams and the Eagles. By the middle of the game, they were presented to a captivating contest. And by the end, their investment was paid off.

We shouldn’t gloss over the macro. The Rams just played a game in Week 14 with major implications across the NFL and played it well. And played it against a team in the top tier of the NFL. And nearly won.

Yes, it sucks that we didn’t. But what’s more important is that the platform was there.

The refs sucked. The holds were atrocious. The Rams’ defensive issues were magnified.

None of that matters.

The Rams are going to the playoffs. We have a great team to endorse. We were just placed on the highest pedestal, and were just treated to the most phenomenal spectacle.

Now’s not the time for anger or melancholy.

There are challenges ahead.

Now’s the time to be thankful that a day like today existed. And that retribution is possible on the road ahead. But that retribution will only come with hard work.

See you tomorrow.