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Which LA Rams O-lineman would make the best skill position player?

Could any of the Rams’ O-linemen play wide receiver or tight end?

Los Angeles Rams offensive line
Los Angeles Rams offensive line
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Theme Week time.

Today, we’re looking at every team’s offensive linemen and which, if any of them, could play a different position.

It’s a tough question to answer. Offensive linemen are a different breed. They’re, uh, shaped differently. The athleticism their jobs require is different from every other position. And as conventional football has gone away from the heavy tight ends of years past, offensive linemen are getting isolated in their position versatility.

That being said, I’ll try to address the question in earnest.

Which means eliminating RG Jamon Brown and RT Rob Havenstein. Hard not to love those guys for the improvement they’ve shown in 2017 especially given how worried we all were in the preseason about the right side of the line, but athleticism isn’t their game.

And what about C John Sullivan? I’ll give him the award of “Best Post Malone Lookalike If Post Let Himself Go”, but I don’t see Sully playing out wide.

That leaves LT Andrew Whitworth and LG Rodger Saffold. And I think this one’s tough. And while I’m sure most fans would immediately pick Whit just because he’s been so damn good this year, I’m going with Saff. Even with Whitworth MMA training vids dropping:

Saffold’s played nearly every position on the offensive line in his career with the Rams. Plus whereas Whitworth’s a little more top heavy, Saffold’s lower body is a bit bulkier. If he’s got hands, I could see Saff playing in-line tight end in red zone or 3rd down packages without much deficiency compared to former Rams like Michael Hoomanawanui or Roland Williams.

So which Rams O-lineman would make the best skill position player? I’m going with the longest-tenured Ram on the roster: Rodger Saffold.