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Torry Holt sees similarities between 2017 Rams, GSOT team

A member from the Greatest Show on Turf says this year’s squad is trending back to the greatest era in the franchise.

Isaac Bruce #80, Torry Holt #81 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Former Rams’ wide receiver Torry Holt said while the 2017 Los Angeles Rams are not at the same level as the Greatest Show on Turf-era, they are certainly headed in that direction.

According to Los Angeles Times reporter Gary Klein, Holt said he sees many similarities between the two eras of Rams’ football.

Music to a choir that may as well have been deaf for nearly the last two decades. That’s how long it’s been since the Greatest Show on Turf ended, and the crap fest began. The Scott Linehan’s, Steve Spagnuolo’s, and Jeff Fishers. The Keith Null’s and the Donnie Avery’s. The mind-numbing circle down the toilet that was the Rams’ between the GSOT and 2017.

That’s the first similarity: both teams rebounded from awful seasons the year before.

The 1998 St. Louis Rams went 4-12, as did the 2016 Los Angeles Rams. The following year, both teams had rejuvenation at the quarterback position and went on a tear. But the rejuvenation came from different angles.

The ‘99 Rams lost their would-be starter Trent Green to a preseason injury during an exhibition game. In came unknown camp body Kurt Warner.

The ‘17 Rams got the same quarterback as the previous season, but his play was wildly different from the year before courtesy of the new head coach Sean McVay.

“He’s a shot in the arm for that organization, a shot in the arm for that offense and shot in the arm for Jared Goff’s development,” Holt said.

Another interesting tidbit that writer Kevin Patra points out? The pace of the scoring is identical between the two teams.