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MMQB’s Peter King picks LA Rams to win Super Bowl LII

The hype train has left the station.

The Vince Lombardi trophy
The Vince Lombardi trophy
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Leaving this here and walking away:

I am all-in on the Rams, which can be pretty dangerous. The franchise hasn't finished over .500 since 2003. Their coach just began shaving in May. Also in May: Their quarterback looked like a bust. But I see what I see. I see a smart and high-powered offense that can protect the quarterback and is as scary on the ground as it is through the air. I see an imaginative coach with a good grip on his team. I see a voracious front seven with a big star (Aaron Donald) playing better than his rep. I see a team in the last three weeks that has won three, seven and three time zones away from home, respectively. (Did you know the Rams won their last three straight by double-digits at 1 p.m., 10 a.m and 10 a.m. on their body clocks?) The road thing will come in handy during the playoffs, in my calculation, because the Rams could well have to win in a hostile environment against an excellent team like Philadelphia to win it all. But will that really matter? This team is 2-8 at the Coliseum since the return of the franchise to Los Angeles, and the Rams are 5-0 away from home this year. As for climbing Mount Belichick, I'm sure some wise guy out there will point out that, on the day that Bill Belichick coordinated the Giants' defense that shut down John Elway in Super Bowl XXI, Sean McVay was 1 year and 1 day old, and how on earth could the great Belichick ever lose to a guy less than half his age? My counter: The coaches won't be putting on pads that day. The Rams, except at quarterback, will be deeper and better on Super Sunday.