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Random Ramsdom 11/8: Rams are a legit playoff team

With the shock of the Rams’ winning ways wearing off, the reality is sinking in: the LA Rams are a top NFC team.

NFL: International Series-Los Angeles Rams Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Rams continue their first half success? | Fox Sports

This AP article goes into the challenges that the Rams will face in the next 8 games and also brings up their flaws that Coach McVay openly admits to. It’s a solid read, as it uses McVay’s quotes to illustrate the point that the Rams aren’t taking their early success lightly.

Rams’ DVOA ratings puts them at the top of the NFL | Football Outsiders

The Week 9 analysis of DVOA ratings shows what Rams fans have been thinking all season. This team is playing at an elite level, moving past the Pittsburgh Steelers to #1 on the DVOA list.

Sean McVay’s culture change has Rams rolling at midseason | ESPN

If you’re consuming every article you can on the Los Angeles Rams, then there’s nothing new in this piece. However, it does cover the major aspects of the first 8 games for the Rams if you were a casual observer that’s now looking to get a seat on the bandwagon.

A stat that shows just how fast of a start the Rams are off to | LA Times

RB Todd Gurley, WR Robert Woods, and WR Sammy Watkins all hit 20 miles per hour in their victory against the New York Giants. Gary Klein’s article also provides a preview for their matchup with the Houston Texans.

Power Rankings show a slight uptick for the Rams | Rams official site

At this point, the Rams need to beat one of the big dogs to rise significantly in the rankings. That time will come soon enough, as long as the Rams continue their winning ways against the Texans.

Brian Billick talks about how Sean McVay has changed the Rams | Rams-News

Former coach Brian Billick calls in on the Rich Eisen show and talks about the success of the LA Rams, giving a lot of credit to Sean McVay. He also brings up that QB Jared Goff is projected to throw for 4,000 yards. But you knew that.

Smart coaching has lifted the LA Rams to #4 on Colin Cowherd’s list | Fox Sports

Cowherd praises the defense of the Rams, predicting that Wade Phillips’ unit, along with the special teams, will help the Rams win playoff games.

Meet this week’s opponent: the Houston Texans | OC Register

Rich Hammond breaks down the need-to-know aspects of the Texans, providing enough stats and reminders about their injuries to make a Rams fan feel pretty good about Sunday’s game.

Aaron Donald given PFF award at the midseason | Rams official site

With a 96.1 rating, DT Aaron Donald was placed on the statistical “All-Pro Team.” Hard to argue with that honor.

Sammy Watkins’ big catch almost didn’t happen according to Geoff | ESPN

QB Jared Goff and WR Sammy Watkins reminice about their 67-year TD reception that Goff thought he had overthrown. And actually, he kind of did, but Sammy Watkins was able to chase it down. The piece also covers the team philosophy that one player isn’t going to be the go-to guy.

Dan Patrick believes Wentz & Goff are the next great QB’s | Rams-news

Dan Patrick isn’t the only guy saying this, but it’s a fun narrative this week, since both guys are playing at a high level. And the comparison adds to the anticipation for their week 14 matchup.

GMFB talks about the Giants getting destroyed by the Rams | Rams-news

Most of the talk is about the embarrassing loss that the Giants endured, with some LA Rams praise thrown in. The general consensus seems to be that the Rams still have to prove that their defense can stop the elite teams.

Undisputed asks if the Rams will win the NFC West | Rams-news

Eric Dickerson joins Skip and Shannon, as they talk about the recent Rams win and whether they have what it takes to win the division over the Seattle Seahawks. Dickerson brings up that the Rams can win on the road and will keep it up for the second half of the season.