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Turf Show Radio S9E17: Guest takeover edition, Pt. II

This week, we brought on two loyal TSTers for a fun-filled trash talking episode.

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Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can also find the show on iTunes as well)

This week on Turf Show Radio, Joe (@3k_) and I (@MightyOrMisone) brought on two of Turf Show Times’ very own faithful followers for a fun-filled, trash talking, insightful show that was full of laughs.

TDAnderson (@TDAnderson912) and Ramz In The Hood (@ralphcomedy) joined us as we recapped the blowout win over the New York Giants, gave out midseason awards, previewed next weeks game, and picked the game remaining on the schedule we're all looking forward to the most.

First, we got right into the impressive win against the Giants. We saw the Rams put up 473 yards of offense and 51 points. They played ridiculously well all game, and while we all had plays that stuck out to us that we really enjoyed, we all for the most part struggled to find a play that left us scratching our heads, which is a good thing.

Next we gave out our midseason awards. We each picked a player to give MVP, Defensive player of the year, Rookie of the year, and Comeback/Most improved player of the year. Let me tell you right now; there's no way you want to miss who Ramz In The Hood picked for his MVP. Jaws will hit the floor. The shock will be next level unreal. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, but i loved it nonetheless.

From there, we looked ahead to next week and what to watch for when the red hot Los Angeles Rams takes on the Houston Texans. Also I reveal which Ram makes my blood boil the most. I held nothing back while they all laughed at my pain.

We definitely had a blast recording the show, and can't thank those guys enough for joining us. Remember we love talking to our TST family more than anything, so if you're ever interested in coming on the show and chopping it up with myself and Joe, hit me up at TSR_FANTALK@YAHOO.COM.