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Random Ramsdom: 11/7 Rams Thriving

The Rams have already outscored the 2016 Rams in half the games.....

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Goff and Gurley are thriving behind Rams OL | Washington Post

Jared Goff and Todd Gurley have led the Los Angeles Rams in being a juggernaut in offense led by a better coaching and upgraded offensive line.

How the Rams stole the show at 6-2 | Sports Illustrated

As bullish as anyone could have been on the Rams, no one could have foreseen the Rams start 6-2 and being the best offensive team in the NFL.

Something special brewing with the Rams | ESPN

The Rams are 6-2 but understand it is still a long season despite their turnover-forcing defense, special special teams, and high-scoring offense.

Rams’ surprising success driven by commitment to team | STL Post Dispatch

The Rams are successful due to the commitment to the team starting with the “We not me” shirts.

Rams win turnover battle, cruise past Giants | The Rams

One of two 50+ Point games on Sunday, the Rams defense has quietly started to turn things around rather quickly.

Goff displays chemistry with wide receivers | The Rams

After a few quiet weeks, Goff was able to strike deep with Sammy Watkins while also giving Robert Woods ample opportunity to score big.

The 2017 Rams have already outscored the 2016 Rams in half the games | ESPN

The Rams turnaround can be traced to a 4-0 record at home and offensive SURGE as they already scored more points in 2017 (8 games) than all of 2016.