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Los Angeles Rams 27, New York Giants 10: Ready for the challenge

The Rams have built up a sizable lead on a hapless Giants team. They’re well on their way to 6-2 and the challenge of a legitimate playoff push.

Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The 2017 Los Angeles Rams are for real.

Much was made of today’s game against the New York Giants presenting the classic “trap game.” With the Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints looming, it was easy to understand how the Rams could have walked into this one lacking focus. Lacking preparation.

Not the 2017 Los Angeles Rams.

After two quarters, they lead 27-10 having forced three turnovers and methodically sliced the Giants’ defense for 262 first half yards.

Yes, QB Jared Goff is having a banner day. He’s already topped 200 yards with three touchdowns. And yes, you could argue they should have more given the turnovers the defense forced.

But the real keys to me are twofold.

First, this is a team coming off of a bye. And they look like it. In years past, the Rams came out of the bye and looked as if they hadn’t had extra time to prepare. Penalties. Miscues. Mistakes galore.

Not the 2017 Los Angeles Rams.

Second, I made quite a bit of hay about Head Coach Sean McVay wasting his timeouts early on in games this year. Well, he had a bye week to iron out a clear issue within his purview as head coach. And at least through one half, that’s exactly what he’s done. Previous Rams teams just couldn’t solve their problems, no matter how many times we heard “We’ll fix it.” Previous Rams teams never did fix anything.

Not the 2017 Los Angeles Rams.

In previous years by mid-November, we could usually start looking ahead. Thinking of roster needs. Paying attention to the college game for the draft. Pushing younger players on the field more to get experience for seasons ahead.

Not the 2017 Los Angeles Rams.

We’re 30 minutes away from 6-2. From a playoff push. From