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Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants: Live open thread

The bye week behind them, the Rams travel to the northeast to take on the hapless Giants in the rare contest in which the Rams are by-large favorites.

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

And away...we...go.

The 2017 Los Angeles Rams are re-writing the script. After 13 seasons without a winning record from 2004-2016, the franchise lagged and dragged and sagged through the final years in St. Louis before moving back to Los Angeles. The return sparked homecoming revelry in a city that hadn't hosted NFL football for 22 years. But a 4-12 2016 season ended the honeymoon.

But now, the Rams are 5-2. They've got a new, young, fresh mind in Sean McVay. And now, they've got hope. Real hope.

So coming out of the bye week, the Rams are in uncharted waters. The roster is untested. The coaching staff is collectively inexperienced. They simply haven't done this before.

So what happens? Who are the 2017 Los Angeles Rams going to become? The nine games in front of us will decide that, and it starts with today's journey to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to take on the New York Giants.

It's the new strange in which the Rams are favorites. On the road. By a lot.

But that's the path the Rams have carved out for themselves to this point. A win today keeps them on that path headed toward the most important stretch of football for this franchise since 2010.

It's time to see if they're ready for their time in the spotlight...