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Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants Scouting Report

The Rams have an early East Coast game against an ailing Giants team.

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

This week the Los Angeles Rams will face the New York Giants.

This is a different matchup from the one last year in London. The Giants are one of the most beat up teams in the NFL and the Rams are one of the healthiest.

As you can see from yesterday’s injury report, the Rams are risking just the absence of G Rodger Saffold as S Cody Davis has been placed on IR. Meanwhile, the Giants have 11 names who could miss out. That doesn’t even include their top two wide receivers — Odell Beckham, Jr., and Brandon Marshall — on injured reserve.

Offensively, the Giants are near the bottom in every major category including 30th in ppg, 27th in total ypg, 20th passing ypg, and 27th rushing ypg. It's been a long year for this Giants team. This week shouldn't get any easier.

The Rams defense is ranked 11th in points allowed per game, 15th yards allowed, 9th pass yards allowed, and 26th in rush defense. If there's a spot to to hit the Rams, it's the run game where they're allowing 123 ypg. However, in the passing game, QB Eli Manning should be sacked a lot as he's been running for his life all year long behind a battered and quite frankly piss-poor offensive line.

On the flip side, the Rams may very well have a field day on offense. The Giants defense didn't get really bad in one offseason, but they're on the field a lot. The Rams should have great field position all day, and K Greg Zuerlein could knock a lot of kicks through as the Giants tend to bend but not break. They give up a lot of yards — currently ranked 27th overall allowing 379 ypg —but they're middle of the pack in scoring defense allowing 22 ppg (ranked 17th). considering the Rams recent struggles in the redzone often settling for field goals, this could be more of the same.

Nevertheless, QB Jared Goff should move the ball up and down the field relentlessly feeding the tight ends and slot receivers as the Giants linebackers can't cover an ant with a blanket. Also, star cornerback Janoris Jenkins (who the Rams know all too well) has been suspended by the team. The Giants are already allowing 258 passing ypg which is ranked 28th overall, so things should be even easier now that Jenks won't be out there. Also, RB Todd Gurley should continue his 100-yard game streak as the Giants defense is allowing 120 rush ypg for 23rd overall.

This could be a day where the Rams end the game with 500 total yards and about 35-40 points (with about 15-18 coming by way of field goal).

However, this is all just a new test for the new Rams. We've seen them come from behind. We've seen them milk the clock. We've seen them battle it out to win on the last play, and we've seen them win by blowout. This however, will be their first trap game, where they are not viewed as the trap.

New days...