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Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants bold predictions: The return of Sammy Watkins

The LA Rams are favored on the road to beat the New Giants... but in what way? I see a certain disgruntled pass catcher leading the offensive attack.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Los Angeles Rams fans. I hope your bye week was filled with relaxation, spiritual discovery, and time spent with loved ones. But all of that goes out the window now that the Los Angeles Rams are playing football games again. And not just any game, but a “trap game!” Fun!

As the New York Giants play host to the Rams in their cold, rainy, New Jersey stadium, most NFL pundits are picking the upstart Rams to walk away with the victory. And I ain’t no dummy, I’m picking the Rams as well. The Giants have all sorts of problems and Eli Manning is on the wrong side of his career and their season so far as been extremely awkward. So, if the Rams end up losing this game, they will be accused of not taking the 1-6 Giants seriously enough (hence the trap game). But enough about that scenario, let’s talk about what will happen. Or more specifically...

Let’s get bold.

Over 120 yards receiving for Sammy Watkins

Who will be the standout player of the game that has everyone buzzing after the Rams come away with a victory? Sammy “the Earth is flat” Watkins, that’s who. With the absence of CB Janoris Jenkins, the connection between QB Jared Goff and Sammy should be wide open. I’m calling it right now — a career day for our #1 pass catcher. 3 touchdowns. Big day. Huge.

Another Shutout for the Rams defense

Wade Phillips’ crew are playing better and better and the Giants’ offense simply doesn’t have enough weapons to put points on the board. I will say that the Giants’ rookie TE Evan Engram, who leads the team with 342 yards and is tied for the team lead with three receiving touchdowns, is their new go-to guy, but I don’t believe that Eli Manning will be able to get the ball to him — especially with the way guys like LB Alec Olgletree are rushing the passer. Which leads me to my next bold prediction...

Five sacks for the Rams defense

I am not impressed with the Giants offensive line, and I think DT Aaron Donald is going to slip through that paper thin wall of blockers, getting to Eli Manning all afternoon. And of course, LB Matt Longacre will add 2 (count ‘em 2!) sacks.

Fumble issues for Goff and Gurley

The field conditions aren’t exactly going to be like a typical day in southern California. Expect some sloppy play from the Rams offense. The New York Giants do have a strong defense that has been playing solid as of late, and I’m concerned that they will get to Goff and cause a strip-sack or two. And RB Todd Gurley isn’t known for fumbling the ball until this year, but with the possibility of rain, strange things could happen and the pigskin will be rolling all over the field. #TooNegative

Coach McVay will save all of his timeouts until the 2 minute warning

He’s heard all of the criticism this week and for better or worse, McVay is going to be judicious with his timeouts, especially in a blowout like this one. The only way McVay will waste a timeout early in the game is if he loses a challenge.

This will be a statement win for the LA Rams. They are going to prove that they are playoff-bound contenders in the NFC. Will it be a perfect game? Almost. The rain will make things messy and weird, but the Rams will come away victorious.

Rams win — 35-0.